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Band: Khthoniik Cerviiks
Album: Æequiizoiikum
Release date: July 2020

01. KC Exhalement 4.0 (Welcome To HAL)
02. Odyssey 3000
03. Æequiizoiikum (Mothraiik Rites)
04. Δt (Recite The Kriitiikal Mæss)
05. Para-Dog-Son - Demagorgon
06. Kollektiing Koffiin Naiils (Délire Des Négations Sequence 1.0)
07. Bloodless Epiiphany (Délire Des Négations Sequence 2.0)
08. KC Inhalement 4.0 (Nothiing-Niihiil-Non)

Vektor isn't the only band taking major influence from Voivod.

Of course that not only is Voivod's influence more far reaching than just these two bands, but neither of them are influenced solely by Voivod. Regardless, it's such a major similarity that cannot be denied. However, while Vektor keep things in the thrash territory, Khthoniik Cerviiks not only have their band name sound like something Voivod would write, but they also move the sound in a more black / death metal direction. Initially coming across their debut album SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex Of Dementiia) a few years ago, instantly being beguiled by the band's name and later their sound, they since released a split with fellow weirdos Howls Of Ebb, which have since sadly disbanded, and now we finally have Khthoniik Cerviiks' sophomore album. Will they keep up the hype?

The core of the sound is still the Voivod-influenced oddball prog merged with a blackened death metal fury, but this time around Khthoniik Cerviiks have made use of the half decade since their debut and polished their sound and their ability to make the progressive part of the sound more shaped out. This does perhaps makes it sound a bit more melodic and somewhat warmer, but at the same time, more epic and sci-fi. Some parts like the 9 minutes long centerpiece "Δt (Recite The Kriitiikal Mæss)" have the progressive elements brought to the forefront, but this doesn't mean that the album itself isn't bludgeoning in any way, mostly in a very claustrophobic and dizzying one stemming from the aforementioned oddball prog.

I'm not sure I like the production that much, as it is a contributing factor to the claustrophobic and dizzying nature that I mentioned, but not necessarily in a good way. It sounds very... uhh... alien in a way, and maybe that was the intent and I should be grateful to have it be so unique sounding, but I do feel something a bit more dense would've made more sense. It's like a fever dream. Weird sounds for weird riffs. Songwriting and performance-wise, this is probably the best that Khthoniik Cerviiks have ever sounded, managing to find a sort of balance between the aggression and the complexity of the music, though I feel the scales are tipped more towards the complexity this time around, so crushing moments like the grunts in "Kollektiing Koffiin Naiils (Délire Des Négations Sequence 1.0)" feel even more welcome.

Æequiizoiikum finds Khthoniik Cerviiks evolving their songwriting skills, especially their weird prog side, twisting the blackened death sound beyond its form, but they still wear their influences quite firmly on their sleeves.


Written on 10.07.2020 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.


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10.07.2020 - 18:47
Really good band and album but at times I found myself wishing this was a little weirder. It's funny you mention the split with Howls Of Ebb, because between them and Khthoniik Cerviiks I definitely prefer HOE. They had more of a focus on groove and psychedelia that I wish Khthoniik would venture into.

Funny enough, the two tracks that I enjoyed the most here (or rather, found the most interesting) were the first and last ones. It would be cool if they could somehow incorporate that weird ambient approach into their larger sound, for some crazy industrial/electronic blackened death craziness.
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01.12.2020 - 21:12
Archie 666

I also found myself wishing this was a little bit weirder. In an Oranssi Pazuzu's 'Muukalainen Puhuu' kind of way.

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