Blackmore's Night - Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection review


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Band: Blackmore's Night
Album: Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection
Release date: September 2004

Disc I
01. Once In A Million Years [previously unreleased]
02. Be Mine Tonight
03. With You Were Here
04. Waiting Just For You
05. Durch den Wald zum Back Haus
06. Ghost Of A Rose [re-recorded version]
07. Spirit Of The Sea
08. I Still Remember
09. Castle And Dreams
10. Beyond The Sunset
11. Again Someday
12. Diamonds And Rust
13. Now And Then
14. All Because Of You

Disc II [Christmas Songs]
01. Emanuel
02. We Three Kings
03. Christmas Eve

Disc III [DVD - Live Material]
01. Written In The Stars
02. Morning Star
03. Play Minstrel Play
04. Minstrel Hall
05. Under A Violent Moon

After four full-length albums it's time for Blackmore's Night to release their first Best-of album (With just love songs).
And as you might know, I'm no fan of Best-of albums; I think it's a lame way for labels to earn some last money of a band they lost to another label.
But this time, it's the band them selves that has putted together a compilation, with their best love songs, and they have also added one new song and one new version of a song, plus that you'll get a Christmas special bonus CD and a DVD.
That's a fair enough to make this a little better than the regular compilations.

I'm sure that I won't need to write any Bio about this band, I'm so sure that everyone knows that this is the band of Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night (and the keyboarder Pat Regan), so I will skip it.
But I really want to point out to all of you that thinks this is not material for Metal Storm, to remember his past, few others is as legendary as Mr. Blackmore, and that is enough to earn a review on Metal Storm.

Anyway, this love-compilation is quite good, if you ask me. Ok, I own every album of Blackmore's Night so I just get one (Four with the Christmas songs) new song, but still, Blackmore's Night gives me shivers, I really love the music, all the Celtic and folk touches with Candice lovely voice, it's beautiful.
But I shall not talk throughout that part of me now; I'll use my Reviewer perspective.

On the good side, you have the production, that's crystal clear, the material, that's very well chosen, and the fact that's the band that's behind this compilation.
On the other side it's quite early for a compilation after just four albums, even if it's just love songs, and that it's just one new song.
But if we shall weight it, I think the good side will win, however we count.

But as I said, the material is very well chosen, you have all their most beautiful love songs on the same album, a perfect album for romantic nights.
Or a perfect gift to a die-hard fan of Blackmore's Night, however, this compilation is good, however you twisting or turning it.
And with the bonus material you'll get, it's worth even more for a fan, I mean, a chance to see them perform live and also get three songs to play on Christmas, that's getting closer and closer now.
Maybe this will be your Christmas present to your loved one?

I will not quote this album because it's a compilation, a compilation of just love songs, there are not fair score for it.

Check Out: The whole Compilation.

Written by Malcolm | 28.10.2004


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