Perzonal War - Faces review


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Band: Perzonal War
Album: Faces
Release date: 2004

01. Devil In My Neck
02. Burning Symbols
03. My Secret
04. Divergent
05. From Within Through Time
06. Into The Fire
07. All I Gave
08. Tears
09. The Essential
10. Faces
11. Signs Of Chaos
12. Just Some Pain
13. The Sleepers [Limited Edition bonus]
14. What We Call Progressive [Limited Edition bonus]
+ Multimedia Section [Limited Edition bonus]

This is the second time I get acquainted with Perzonal War, the first time was just after their last release ("Different But the Same"), and it was above all the song "Open My World" that made me start listening to them, that song is such a killer.
Anyway, now they are back (or they were, by the beginning of the summer, I'm very late with this review, but as some uses to say, "better late than never") with their fourth album, simply entitled "Faces".
And this ladies and gentlemen is gift to all fans of Metallica (Why shall I explain to you below).

"Faces" is the second release from Perzonal War on Edguy's old label AFM Records, and once again the improvements against a sound so freaky close to Metallica is made, "Faces" sounds more like Metallica than Perzonal War ever done.
The main reason why I go on comparing them with Metallica is because of Matthias Zimmer, Vocals and guitars, his voice is so close to James that I almost think he is James unknown twin-brother.

Then is the music pretty close to what Metallica once played, but with a more modern sound. Not modern against Nu-Metal and stuff that Metallica is, just with better production and better equipments than what Metallica had 20 years ago.
And there's getting even better, the music is not just some copy shit from what Metallica did, it's very personally for PW, and that makes them even better if you ask me.

Melodic Thrashy Heavy Metal, that's my way to describe the music, and maybe this, is a bit more melodic than the Bay Arena Thrash was once, but still, the similarities are compelling.
It's hard actually to talk about this, since when you have mention that they sounds very much like Metallica once did, you'll be out of words, so I'll keep the review quite short.

I'll actually end it right here.
But first I have to conclude it, and by doing that I'll say the following:
If you're a big fan of what Metallica once was, and of James voice. And if you really don't like St. Anger, then turn to Perzonal War and they'll ease our hunger, they actually made what Metallica failed to do, to adapt the Bay Arena Thrash to the 21st century.

Check Out: "Faces", "Devil in My Neck", "Tears" & "The Essential".

Written by Malcolm | 23.11.2004


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