Various Artists - MTM Music Compilation - Volume 10 review

Band: Various Artists
Album: MTM Music Compilation - Volume 10
Release date: November 2004

01. Relapse - All In All
02. Martie Peters Group - The Beast Inside
03. Shylock - Farewell
04. Fate - Everything About You
05. Brunorock - Pray For The Rain
06. Sin - Never Change
07. Shy - I Will be Home
08. Seven Wishes - Cross My Heart
09. Zeno - Call Of The Heart
10. Edge Of Forever - Snake Eyes
11. RPM - How Do I Get You
12. Rhapsody (SWE) - I've Done All I Can
13. Novak - Save Me
14. Jani Lane - Lay Your Hands On Me
15. Misty May - Reality
16. Dare - Into The Fire [live]
17. Fate - Everything About You [live]

MTM Music, one of the worlds leading Hard Rock labels are releasing their tenth volume of their Compilations, where their bands contribute with, to date, unreleased material.
On this volume there's tracks from bands like Fate, Shylock, Edge of Forever and Misty May that's not going to release their new albums in many months.

This is actually a really interesting compilation, to be honest; this is the only kind of compilation (except Metal Storm's own) I like. If a compilation shall be made, it should be by the labels, with unreleased material, this way we can get real value for our spent money.

I mean, who doesn't want to know how the new songs from a new album, with a band that you like sounds like? I know I want to.
And then that we get news like Fate (the ancient Danish Hard Rock band Hank Sherman created in the eighties) is going to release a new album, that's priceless.

This tenth volume contains also two, unreleased, live songs by Dare and Fate, from Deep Impact Festival in Munich earlier this year. That's only giving us another reason to get this.
I know it might sound strange that I talk so happily about a Hard Rock Compilation, but don't forget that I'm a big Hard Rock fan and to get my hands on songs with favourite Hard Rock bands like Shy and Fate just makes me happy.

I shall mention some surprises from this Compilations as well, and I'll start with the first song "All in All" with a band called Relapse, this is actually a new band of the ex-Cita / Guild of Ages member Danny Martinez, it feature also the original members of Cita. This song is really good, a nice ballad with a catchy lyric.

Also second one, Martie Peters Group - The Beast Inside is good, the singer (is that Martie Peters?) is a real jewel.
The new Fate song sounds more than promising; I can't wait until I can get my hands on that album.
And the new Edge of Forever sounds better, I reviewed their debut but I wasn't that fond of it, but this sounds promising.
Finally I have to mention Novak, their song "Save Me" is a killer, and will the album be just close to this, we have a super Hard Rock album to await next year.

So if you're a Hardrocker, as I am, this is really something you should consider buying. Not because it's a super album (or super compilation) only because you'll have a chance to hear new songs with bands you like, months and months before they're released.

Check Out: Pick what you find most interesting.

Written by Malcolm | 29.11.2004


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