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Band: Jigsore Terror
Album: World End Carnage
Website: http://jigsoreterror.com
Release date: October 2004

01. Gorging On Exposed Arteries
02. Skeletal Decomposition
03. Slaughtered Existence
04. Death Rattle Cacaphony
05. Senseless Slaughter
06. Rotten Heads
07. Reeking Death
08. Insane Torture
09. Scattered Cranial Remains
10. Violent Molestation
11. Corpses On Fire
12. Feast Of Dismembered Limbs
13. Brutally Murdered
14. Bestial Frenzy
15. World End Carnage
16. The Needle [Furlbowl cover] [vinyl version bonus]

Since the early 80´s when grindcore masters Napalm Death and Carcass gave us some first class grindcore, it seems to be that this genre is going downwards by every year that passes by. Now it seems to be that grindcore have turned into a battle of which band that can be the sickest and most gruesome, and quality/mature grindcore is not what you find everyday. There have been a few good acts, like Nasum, Terrorizer, Mortician and a couple of others, but now, you can add Jigsore Terror to that list.

Jigsore Terror is a new band from Sweden, playing nothing else but old school Grind/Death. The band was formed in 2001, but it took them 3 years before they now released their debut album World End Carnage.

Chainsaw riffs, blast beats and murder vocals are what this album has to offer. Lengthwise, the longest track is less than 3 minutes, but fortunately, there are no silly 0:04 minute long songs and the shortest tracks are still above 1 minute. In opposite to most grind bands nowadays that just like to smash the instruments, (or in another language; abuse the instruments) and play as brutal and fast as possible; in this album we can finally hear some form of cooperation between the instruments. Here we have brutality and here we have melody, the drum speed rises and the riffs hurries to catch up, everything somehow goes hand in hand and gives a good listen.

On this album I must also say that a couple of riffs strongly remind me of Terrorizer and even similarities to old Carcass can be heard. But here I must also add that Jigsore Terror don't play pure grindcore but I would rather say that they are a death metal form of grindcore, or just death/grind as some people like to put it.

Overall, I think that Jigsore Terror is a band with lots of potential and although I can say that this album will certainly not become a classic, but I can also foresee that this band will become very big and a favourite amongst many death/grind fans.

Written by Azhidahak | 27.12.2004


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Jisgore Terror is a Grind Core combo from Sweden. The great thing with this band is that first, all the members come from bands Grind bands like General Surgery or Birdflesh for example and secondly: of course, they know how to play such music !!! Theys wanted to do a project to play something in the vein of the old school bands like Repulsion or Terrorizer, and really they did it. With a music more than pleasant, this first album "World End Carnage ", could become a really interesting investment, for all the fans of Grind Core and Death Metal.

published 29.09.2004 | Comments (0)

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