Foeticide - Embrace Of Death review

Band: Foeticide
Album: Embrace Of Death
Release date: 2005

01. Intro
02. Lost In The Black
03. In The Flames Of Hate
04. Prisoner Of Death
05. Into The Light
06. Embrace Of Death
07. Lifeless Seas
08. Sign Of Hate
09. Grave Of The Night

15 years of musical career is really not an easy task to achieve, Foeticide recently released their new full length album called "Embrace Of Death" after 15 years of pure aggression and violence, an album with many things to offer, an album filled with Old School riffs, incredible drum-work, awesome bass-lines and impressive music in general.

The music in this album is really tight and straight-forwarded; most songs punch you in the face with brutal drumming and catchy riffs, but there's a lot of magnificent breakdowns, pauses and cool bridges, we can also hear some layered guitar solos in the songs and multifaceted vocal-work, this fact makes the music sound polished and balanced as hell; so we are now aware of their brilliant songwriting (somehow the songwriting reminds me of Unleashed or Dismemberůso you do the math, I assure you the result is a fucking insane band)

The best track in this album is the self titled one "Embrace Of Death", this song is just astonishing, the breakdowns in the middle are impressive, then there's a really cool solo (3:10, 3:53), some catchy riffs in all directions, etc. believe me this track will literally take the shit out of you. There are a many more interesting songs but I don't want to spoil the party today, so let me just say one more thing, the best thing about this band is their ability to impress the listener, most songs have this "What's next" part, so I can assure you this album won't bore you at all, on the contrary, you will find in this album a "non stop head-banging" pill with a little twist of "What the fuck is that?" here and there.

In the end this album is incredibly entertaining, it will blast your brains out and then you'll beg for more violence while you punch your favorite pillow, you'll be amazed by the great instrumentation for sure, in fact I can't get enough of that bass line in the 6th track (1:13), those guitar solos still amaze me(all along the album), and damn that drumming is incredible (please just check the drum intros, or the double-bass pedal in the 7th track). So be prepared for a fucking insane experience with one of the most amazing bands Mexico has to offer, I mean even the artwork is great, so come on, can you ask for more? I don't think so man, so buy this album now or DIE¡¡¡

Best Tracks: "Embrace Of Death", "Lifeless Seas", "Grave Of The Night", "Into The Light"

Written by Herzebeth | 11.10.2005


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