Tarantula - Metalmorphosis review


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Band: Tarantula
Album: Metalmorphosis
Release date: 2005

01. Breaking The Barriers Of Time
02. We Go With The Flow
03. The Bleeding Land
04. New Tomorrow
05. Your Promised Land
06. All In Your Eyes
07. Sea Of Doubts
08. Far Away From God
09. Meant To Be Alone
10. Never Be Forgotten
11. Under Control

Tarantula is one of the most famous and oldest bands from Portugal. Specialized in a classic Heavy/Power Metal, their new album "Metalmorphosis" follow the way of its predecessors. Don't expect something new with this album, that's classic and cliché as hell but actually (and that's the weird thingy of the album) it's not so bad and it's entertaining to listen to it.

Yeah yeah, you understand me very well, "Metalmorphosis" is a synonym of Metal clichés (yeah, even the bimbo with weapons is present on the cover!!!). The riffs and the melodies are not original, it's really easy when you listen to it to imagine at the first second of every songs of the album the chorus of this song. We really have nothing new but you must know one thing, at least Tarantula knows how to do something fucking efficient!!!

Because "Metalmorphosis" is a really catchy album. When I listen to it really I cannot say that the songs are unpleasant, at the opposite, it's a catchy and entertaining album with chouses that enter and stay easily in your mind. Also, Jorge Marques is an excellent singer who remembers US killers like Bon Jovi or Mike Tramp. All is really professional (production like writings) and expect this problem of déja-vu it's hard to find bad points on this production. It's up to you, and I'm sure, if you're already a fan of the band, that you'll love the album that is probably their best release ever.

If you're not looking for something new, and only want something efficient and entertaining, really "Metalmorphosis" is a big must. With a great production, a really great singer and great musicians, and above all with a lot of "easy" but catchy choruses, there are no risks with this album. On the other hand, if you want something a bit original, go away, you won't find something here. Actually this album is not bad and not good too… You won't hate it, you won't love it, and that's the reason of this average rating (and yeah ok I can confess it, I like some of the songs of "Metalmorphosis" then it cannot be a bad album… ;p )

Written by Jeff | 01.09.2005


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