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Wayland - Furia Y Fuego review

Band: Wayland
Album: Furia Y Fuego
Release date: April 2005

01. Tsunami
02. Látigo
03. Furia Y Fuego
04. Cerca En La Distancia
05. Almas Del Mal
06. Siempre Estarás
07. Dulce Perdición
08. No Sé Si Hoy [feat. Roland Grapow]
09. Sigue Así
10. Mirada De Angel
11. Decídete [feat. Andy B. Franck]

Are we in front of the new Tierra Santa? Well I don't know, but for sure this Wayland will probably have a gigantic success in Spain. Just check those few words and names first and you'll understand… The label of the band is AFM Records (this is probably the first Spanish combo signed on the big German label), the producer is Olaf Henk (At Vance) and we have two guests by Roland Grapow (Masterplan) and Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm)… As you can see, this "Furia Y Fuego" is a super-production…

This is a classic melodic Heavy Metal, that reminds me (probably because of the lyrics in Spanish) a Magö De Oz but without the "folk" parts. This is really classy, really professional and a majority of the songs are potential hits (like for example the really melodic "Furia Y Fuego"). We're in front of a classic Heavy Metal but Wayland plays something really melodic and the songs of "Furia Y Fuego" are lively. You'll probably be surprised (even if you don't know Spanish) to have the choruses in your head for good after only one or two listening.

Wayland is a good band and the lyrics in Spanish give something more to the music of the album. At least we have some originality with the vocals of "Furia Y Fuego" and you must know that the musicians of the band are all really good. Daniel Jimez is a surprising newcomer that will become one of the great voices of Heavy Metal in the Iberian Peninsula.

The production of the album is really impressive but that's not so surprising when you know who is the producer however the cover of the CD is a bit cheesy. The album deserves something better to catch the potential listener.

"Furia Y Fuego" is a great album of Heavy Metal, and all the ones who like Spanish bands like Magö De Oz or Saratoga will be amazed by this excellent release. Nothing to add, this is just a must for all the lovers of "Latino" Metal…

Written by Jeff | 01.09.2005


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