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Band: Darzamat
Album: Transkarpatia
Release date: December 2005

01. Sanguinarius (Intro)
02. Vampiric Prose
03. Hallucinations
04. Inhumatus (Intro)
05. The Burning Times
06. Letter From Hell
07. Blackward
08. Recurring Yell
09. Araneum (Intro)
10. Labyrinth Of Anxiety
11. Virus
12. The Old Form Of Worship
13. Tempted By Rot
14. Tribute To...

Poland has a long line of Metal bands to pick from, the country has spawned many recognizable acts in many sub-genres such as Gothic and Death Metal. The case with Darzamat is quite exceptional, the band is already at their fifth release and many believe this is their most powerful, mature work to the date.

Darzamat could be best described as a potent mix of Black and Gothic Metal with some Death Metal elements here and there. I know this particular combination of genres is not that original, but Darzamat has an intrinsic, creepy, mysterious atmosphere in all their songs, whether is the blackened shrieks or the haunting female vocals you can feel the eeriness in all songs.

Keyboards play an important part in Transkarpatia, you could say that the use of a keyboard is almost necessary to fully develop the vampiric and occult themes that Darzamat dwell into. Expect an elaborated lyrical context, thing that we're not used to get very often from Metal bands. Production is flawless, but that's no wonder, because it was handled by King Diamond's Andy La Rocque.

If I could pick some favorite songs they would be most definitively "The Burning Times", "Vampiric Prose" and "Labyrinth Of Anxiety". While I don't listen harsh music that much nowadays, this album was a excellent excuse to do it, when you got a solid album like this is easy to go back to your roots and do some headbanging, and I bet this album will get some playtime in my stereo. Definitively the best work of Darzamat to the date. 'nuff said.

Written by Undercraft | 07.06.2006



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07.06.2006 - 19:46
absolutely agree with you this album is one of my favorites ever. And ill give 9 points of 10...its almost perfect
there is nothing left to die for...
07.06.2006 - 19:49
yeah, i gave it 8 because i want to leave some room for improvment in their next album
12.06.2006 - 00:48
Jason W.
Great to see this disc reviewed, and I fully agree it's the band's best to date. They finally matched the production to their abilities and it sounds great! They haven't yet reached a 10, but if they stay this strong for the next disc it could be something to watch out for. If only I could find this in stock here in the US at a reasonable price!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
01.03.2010 - 14:04
Very different from their first albums, but still very good.
Panta Rei

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