Icarus Witch - Capture The Magic review


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Band: Icarus Witch
Album: Capture The Magic
Release date: 2006

01. Storming The Castle
02. Capture The Magic
03. Soothsayer
04. Forevermore
05. The Ghost Of Xavior Holmes
06. Darklands
07. Nemeton Forest
08. Awakening The Mountain Giants
09. S.A.T.O [Ozzy Osbourne cover]

I knew, when I had to write the review of the first EP of the American combo Icarus Witch, that this band was just something exceptional. And I have the confirmation of my first feeling now that the band released this year, through the German label Remedy Records, their first album "Capture The Magic". You still don't know the band, so just to begin, let me tell you that it is probably one of the best "classic" Heavy Metal releases of the last ten years… So do you still really believe that you can miss this one?

Icarus Witch doesn't come in the place with something really new. Actually, they just play a really classic Heavy Metal influenced by artists like Iron Maiden or Ozzy but even if it can look a bit "old" our guys are so good that they know how to do something that sounds modern. So to sum up, you can expect a lot of great melodic guitars riffs and soli in the pure "old school" Heavy Metal spirit but also a lot of bass (the bass like the guitars are both leaders in the music of Icarus Witch) and some cool really well structured lines of drums. If you add that Matthew Bizilia is an amazing Heavy Metal singer with a beautiful high and hoarsy voice, you can now imagine how good it can sound.

But good musicians aren't only the key of the success and we need… great songs too. Even if we only have height tracks plus a (great) cover of Ozzy's SATO, you can be sure that the album is full of great pieces of music. I should talk about all the songs of the releases but really it's extremely hard for me to choose one of them. Though "Capture The Magic" (the song) is probably one of the best of the album but anyway, the album is varied with ballads like powerful songs. On the other hand you must know that the music of Icarus Witch is not so fast and in general the songs all have a mid-tempo.

With a perfect clean production, "Capture The Magic" is one of the best Heavy Metal releases of the last ten years for sure. There is something magic with this band and I'm just sure that we will talk a lot about them soon. Between US Heavy Metal and NWOBHM this album is full of surprises and all its songs are simply hits… Don't miss it if you just pretend to be an Heavy Metal lover.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 22.06.2006


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