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Band: Summoning
Album: Oath Bound
Release date: March 2006

01. Bauglir
02. Across The Streaming Tide
03. Mirdautas Vras
04. Might And Glory
05. Beleriand
06. Northward
07. Menegroth
08. Land Of The Dead

I think the best way to describe the music of Summoning would be slow paced, epic, atmospheric, raw Black Metal intertwined with folk music. Oath Bound is Summoning's sixth album and was released in the first half of 2006. The album wasn't featured in the Black Metal category of this year's Metal Storm awards perhaps through the fact that not a lot of people have heard this album, but it really is worth a listen.

The first thing you'll notice upon grasping the album in your hands is the beautiful cover artwork. This is probably one of my favourite album covers with it's scene of misty mountains and a forest by a lake. It gives you an idea of the kind of music to come.

What's so great about the music? Well, the album isn't fast paced or aggressive Black Metal, so it might only appeal to the Black Metal fan that is a little open-minded. The music wouldn't really be called Symphonic Black Metal either, so don't be put off that way. The whole album flows really well though. The whole atmosphere created is an epic one, with simple but effective raw guitar and well played and not overpowering keyboards. The keyboards played are usually only an atmosphere building tool, and the electronic piano sound doesn't come around a lot. The drumming on this album also helps to keep the epic tempo going; they're not played fast, but more in a slow, pounding way. The sound of them is deep, and they remind you of war drums. Another noteworthy feature is the really well performed, good sounding vocals. As a metal fan, this is one of the important things that make this album as good as it is. Both Protector and Silenius do vocals, and they're most of the time raw sounding rasps. They hold their screams well and are at the perfect level of harshness. Vocal-wise, you really couldn't ask for much more.

As a fan of this sort of thing in Folk Metal, I really enjoy the use of flutes/recorder on Oath Bound. The last track "Land Of The Dead" has quite a few beautiful sounding stand-out flute/recorder pieces. I think Land Of The Dead really eclipses the album. It's the last track and it's probably the best one. It concludes the album and really shows what it's all about as a whole. The fade out at the end of this track also gives the listen a really good lasting impression.

So if you're a Black Metal fan you may or may not enjoy this. Summoning fans aside, if you're after something that's raw, and also folkish/epic and different to you usual fast-paced metal, then Oath Bound will be worth checking out!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 8

Written by Raiden | 09.02.2007


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I suppose that many people were waiting for the comeback of Summoning with a new album, so here it is, "Oath Bound" is their 8th offering to the world, reviving Tolkien's dark world through their own musical perspective with their exceptional epic/lyrical interpreting manner. I have to admit that the first listen didn't impress me so much, i found the album a bit tiring and monotonous, but no, it was just a first bad impression because from the second listen and on (i can assure you i listened to this album a lot in order to form my final opinion) the dark clouds started fading away and i saw the real face of 2006's Summoning.

published 18.10.2006 | Comments (7)


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09.02.2007 - 08:56
Silent Creeper
Veteran Spammer
I totaly agree, great rewiew.
09.02.2007 - 15:34
Angel of Lust
Ahhh great album, maybe a bit hard to digest but simply amazing...
And Mirdautas Vras, all in Uruk-Hai language, what a great song...
Good review!

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18.03.2007 - 14:58
The Aryaputra
good review for a good album!
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18.03.2007 - 15:42
Down Under Staff
Thanks! I listened to it again the other day after not hearing it for a couple of weeks, and I must say it still does it for me!
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05.08.2008 - 18:58
Rosetta Stoned
Absolutely love this album, it gets a little repetive like all Summoning albums but the music is great. Awesome atmosphere and very original, highly recommended.
14.12.2008 - 21:28
Account deleted
Love this album, mirdautas vras have conquer our souls,this atmosphere,orc ambient...yeah originally black languague of mordor song...also bauglir song is great ..all,i agree with review...near to 10.
13.04.2009 - 09:33
I'm a big Summoning fan but this album is my least favorite (I have all their discography). Imo, they went too far away from their Black Metal roots with this one. Summoning have always been atmospheric (at least since "Minas Morgul") but this album is a bit too purely atmospheric for my tastes. Too repetitive. Songs sound too much alike, nothing really stands out.

I like it but much less than all their other albums. I rarely listen to it.

And if you like Summoning, you should check Greifenstein.
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30.09.2009 - 18:03
Heaven Knight
I would say a bit different to previous albums, but still good...Might And Glory and Land Of The Dead made it for me...and best artwork of their albums
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19.08.2011 - 08:07
I don't really know... Summoning has created some awesome tunes in the past, but this didn't really cut it for me.
14.04.2012 - 00:09
Land Of The Dead
Very good Northward...(Land Of The Dead is Wonderful,Fantastic)
04.02.2018 - 15:39
Bad English
This band always had good artworks and also such thing raw bm does not exist as genre, not here and not in this band. I agree we can question is it BM, what genre is it, hard to tell, but well band has true BM feeling and inspiration into it and trie I mean only few people will get what I mean, those who don't like st. ann in lyrics
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