The Sin: Decay - Rehabilitation review


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Band: The Sin: Decay
Album: Rehabilitation
Release date: 2007

01. We Are All Slaves
02. Deathlike Addiction
03. Cold Dead Skin
04. Celestial Revulsion
05. Give It Away
06. C7618K76

It's not every day that you come across a truly remarkable band. The Sin: Decay is such a group. They make something I'd call "Easy-listening industrial metal". Why easy listening? Well considering that there's ex-And Oceans members contributing to this project you might expect something rather distant from mainstream heavy music. Okay, they've actually been on this road for some time now but this CD offers several radio hit quality tracks.

That's because songs on "Rehabilitation" sound familiar. And I don't mean plagiarism or such. It's just that when you hear a great song, your mind immediately embraces it and thus you feel like you've heard it before. On that note I'm actually going to try and throw in a couple of rather famous names that occurred to me when listening to The Sin: Decay. It's a tad like newer Paradise Lost, A teaspoonful of Rammstein from their tantz-metall period. Even a bit of Nine Inch Nails, not to mention Deathstars.

All the aforementioned names are well known to say the very least. Here's how The Sin: Decay attempts to break through. There are really catchy synth tunes mixed with simple three chord passages. Add those up and we get an eerily soothing melody. Simple, yet effective. And as that alone wasn't enough they threw in some neo-thrash riffs to shake you from your hypnosis, only to put you back in trance once again. Last but not least, the closing track offers strong contrast and a real treat for industrial fans - creeping horror in the body of a cybernetic organism, C7618k76 is one of the darkest and coolest songs I've heard in a while.

Perhaps the only things that might drive people away from "Rehabilitation" are it's certain repetitive elements. However in The Sin: Decay's defence I must say they never grow boring and the repeating elements have been utilized with good taste. The short duration of the album also contributes to that.

I actually find it very hard to bring up any more flaws here. If the Sin: Decay continue on this road then there's nowhere to go but up. Standing ovations.

Written by destroyah | 19.04.2007



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19.04.2007 - 10:03
avatar of misery
What I heard on their myspace page was pretty okay. Although they're clearly not my style.
19.04.2007 - 18:29
I listened to the stuff on their myspace and I'm hooked. You're absolutely right with the Rammstein sounds...the vocalist reminds me of Lindemann at times just more evil sounding. They are going straight to my 'to-get-list'

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