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Labyrinth - 6 Days To Nowhere review


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Band: Labyrinth
Album: 6 Days To Nowhere
Release date: February 2007

01. Crossroads
02. There Is A Way
03. Lost
04. Mother Earth
05. Waiting Tomorrow
06. Come Together [The Beatles cover]
07. Just One Day
08. What???
09. Coldness
10. Rusty Nail
11. Out Of Control
12. Wolves 'N' Lambs
13. Smoke And Dreams
14. Piece Of Time

If I'd heard only one of the songs from Labyrinth's 6 Days to Nowhere I probably would have expected an album worthy of an 8 or 9 rating. The energetic prog-power rhythms, melodies, and emotion immediately pull you in but it doesn't take long to realize that there are 14 full-length tracks exactly like this. It's a constant barrage of Labyrinth over and over and I get tired. Even before the album finishes the "opportunities for improvement" become abundantly clear.

The prog-power rhythms, melodies, and emotion that I mentioned are perfectly illustrated in the opening track. In fact the first 5 tracks are all lovely up-tempo songs that unfortunately hit you over the head with the exact same emotion. This is aided for the most part by the extremely nasal vocals of Roberto Tiranto. His "classic metal" wail is so whiney and pushed that it becomes unbearable after just a short time. These songs are all in the same tug-at-your-heart minor key and while the melodies are catchy and distinct it's still easy to become drained and bored. The only respite we have is the well placed (at track #6) cover of the Beatles' "Come Together." At last the tempo slows down and the mood changes dramatically. While we chill and enjoy this song we have a much-needed chance to digest the first half of the album. This is a nicely done cover in that it successfully "metalizes" and adds Labyrinth's deeply personal touch. Roberto Tiranto sounds his best here; in fact the whole band is tight and make each part of the song different and exciting. It's clear that this is something they've had fun playing for years and finally decided to record.

Near the end of the album is one specific disappointment: the ballad "Smoke and Dreams." Labyrinth temporarily forgot they're in a metal band! The first 2 minutes are reminiscent of the next Pop/R&B tune to hit #1. Once the band remembers that this is supposed to be a rock ballad it's too late: the song is already knee deep in faux-soul that even the competent guitar solo can't save it.

At this point I should probably reiterate that there are lots of agreeable songs present here. The band is very tight in their playing and have composed some lovely distinct melodies. Unfortunately this album was simply killed by its length (which leads to a feeling of lack of variety). Labyrinth shows that they're capable of writing great tunes; hopefully next time they'll leave us wanting more!

Stand-out songs: Crossroads; Just One Day; There Is A Way; Come Together

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8


Written on 21.04.2007 by Susan appreciates quality metal regardless of sub-genre. Metal Storm Staff since 2006.

Twitter: @HeavyMetalSusan


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17.09.2007 - 15:50
Although still a good album, when compared with their previous works I think it's kind of a let down.
14.11.2011 - 17:28
To Arms!
6.8? how come this album deserves at least an 8
Stay Metal !!!
15.09.2016 - 15:14
I think Susan was having a bad day when she listened to this.

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