Lake Of Tears - A Crimson Cosmos review


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Band: Lake Of Tears
Album: A Crimson Cosmos
Release date: May 1997

01. Boogie Bubble
02. Cosmic Weed
03. When My Sun Comes Down
04. Devil's Diner
05. The Four Strings Of Mourning
06. To Die Is To Wake
07. Lady Rosenred
08. Raistlin And The Rose
09. Crimson Cosmos

Lake Of Tears is back with their third studio album, their first stroll down to mellower fields and their first approach out of the Doom into the Gothic area. A Crimson Cosmos is a fantastic album full of magical stories and fairy tales, the artwork and the inside booklet are really dreamy, each song has an extraordinary drawing reminiscent of a child tales book.

The opener "Boogie Bubble" is a weird song, I think this song was one of the first "commercial" attempts of the band, but worry not, is a nice song , maybe not the best opener in the world, but still listenable,
"Cosmic Weed" (really weird title) is another strange song, at this time I'm having a hard time trying to understand this album, but still, I'm on track 2, let's move on. "When My Sun Comes Down" is a more slow-tempo, doomy and melancholic song, you know, like the old times.

We spice things up when a quick piano announces the arrival of "Devil's Dinner" a fantastic up-tempo song, with a catchy chorus and great overall sounding, this song is like a predecessor of what they were trying to do in the next album.
The album also contains an instrumental song "To Die Is To Wake" .

The album closes with 3 amazing songs, "Lady Rosenred" a great duet between Daniel Brennare and Jennie Tebler ; "Raistlin And The Rose" definitively my favorite song of the album, melancholic piece inspired on Raistlin the wizard of Dragonlance books; and the title song "A Crimson Cosmos" great chorus and amazing acoustic moments in this one!

We have a excellent release by these guys, this album won't disappoint fans of the band, Gothic melancholic cheerful tunes, that's the best way I came up to describe this album, so, if you're fan of mellower Metal, get this one immediately, because this one is already a classic.

Written by Undercraft | 16.03.2004



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23.05.2010 - 20:24
Liver Failure
Althou I really liked the (few)Death elements on Headstones, the sole Gothic metal of this album is closer to my tastes.

Gothic melancholic cheerful tunes

Yeah, that sounds like the album.

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