Resistance (FRA) - Demo 2006 review

Band: Resistance (FRA)
Album: Demo 2006
Release date: 2006

01. Hate
02. Bastard Dogs of Abomination
03. Bang Your Fucking Skull
04. Fist of Fire
05. Resistance
06. Considered Dead
07. F.F.V.
08. Satan's Call

Today's been a bad day, preceeded by a week full of crap. I've lost several workdays because my car's at the shop. Who knew that eliminating a simple dent on the door would take so long? Aarghh, let me see... I need something to mosh to, something heavy, yet fun. Bingo - Resistance. Judging by the two crossed retro guitars on the cover and an old school logo, this should be the perfect cure. Here goes...

...aaand I'm done! What was that? This is not at all what I expected, not a trace of NWOBHM or Bay Area. Actually the inspiration is there, but not at the level I expected. In short - this is a severely underproduced piece of noise. Alright I understand these guys were trying to resurrect the good old days, and the "don't give a fuck" headset is rather important when playing this style but there are limits to everything. When Metallica started they were just kids struggling with their lives, coping with their problems, living out their anger. But they also could play. Resistance just seems to be lashing out at random. Maybe they could deliver if they cut down on the frantic pace, cause at this speed they're as solid as Windows 2000. I understand that in certain very small circles this album finds positive response and people who want to mosh to this but I'm pretty sure the average metalstormer will cringe at Resistance.

I'm actually gonna leave it at that. I could bring out some positive aspects, but I just don't want to. I will strictly concentrate on the result at hand and at it's present form things aren't looking bright. The band says "Don't buy this demo for more than 5$". My recommendation would be to spare your money and maybe download this album from the net though chances are, even eMule's gonna slap you in the face, should you make the inquiry.

NOTE: Do not confuse with the LA thrash metal band Resistance

Written by destroyah | 27.05.2007



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27.05.2007 - 03:09
"...cause at this speed they're as solid as Windows 2000."


point taken,great review
i'm super, thanks for asking
27.05.2007 - 06:04
Okay, I must apologize as the review is a bit cruel. There's some good stuff to be found here but I still think presenting the whole thing like this is a bit too sloppy.

Also there ARE obvious traces of nwobhm and bay thrash here so my statement about the lack of those is wrong. Sorry.

But all in all I feel this review is just
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27.05.2007 - 07:53
Doc G.
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yeah when I first read this review I thought "it cant be that bad" I checked it out, and yes, yes it is. This band is a joke, well maybe not the band, but at least this recording.
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