I.N.R.I. - Ultra Sonic Hatestorm review


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Band: I.N.R.I.
Album: Ultra Sonic Hatestorm
Release date: 2007

01. Power Violence
02. Fuck Up Beyond All Recognition
03. One Happy Thought Of Elimination
04. The Iron Death Slam
05. Humanitron
06. Culture Cunt
07. Thrash Until Found Worthy
08. Bullet Cumshot
09. Fire Flames And Other Tools To Kill You
10. Fucking Nothingness
11. Ego Extremist
12. 1000 Pounds Of Satan
13. Nihilityblaster

Unexpected greatness is what amazes me the most, I.N.R.I (Insane Non-Commercialized Rock Institute) is a pummeling band with a raging offering, "Ultra Sonic Hatestorm", a potent piece of insane Death/Thrash Metal, a spine crusher wrapped with a classic scheme including rabid guitar solos, speedy drumming, catchy patterns and irregular paces that go along with the hostile throat assault…and this was the first time I listened to them.

Nostalgia is drowning your brain lately? This is the band that will punch that feeling in the crotch while using this album as a great plateau to launch their old-school sound to the rabid metal-head ears. The music is simply a hate filled assault that a bunch of insane Dutch men wrote while being on metallic uppers or something similar, it's just that crazy to tell you the truth.

Turns out I.N.R.I is a popular band in the Netherlands, they have a very interesting debut that most people worshiped actually. Then this album took 5 years in the making, it ended up being a damn fine return if you ask me; it's also a great way to magnetize new eager fanatics around the globe, what I mean is, if this is the first time you hear this band you'll be more than pleased that's for sure.

The songwriting is amazing; some songs temporarily go downhill due to the blast-beat abuse, but this band knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to structures, suddenly the songs change into a catchy breakdown or a melting guitar solo. Maybe the musicianship is not overly astonishing and maybe the vocals might sound mild at times, but the hyper-speed and the classic edges will make it up for it.

We have here a very promising band with a very good offer; if these guys don't wait that much for a follow-up and if they keep evolving their sound and songwriting, people will be eating their albums like fresh bread. Death/Thrash people, let's bang our heads!!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 01.06.2007


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