Virgin Black - Requiem - Mezzo Forte review

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Band: Virgin Black
Album: Requiem - Mezzo Forte
Release date: April 2007

01. Requiem, Kyrie
02. In Death
03. Midnight's Hymn
04. …And I Am Suffering
05. Domine
06. Lacrimosa (I Am Blind With Weeping)
07. Rest Eternal

Some musicians will go down in Metal history as being overlooked geniuses. One of them would be Tilo Wolff, the German mastermind behind Gothic monster Lacrimosa, one of them would be Rowan London, the Australian mastermind behind Gothic monument Virgin Black. I think I am on to something here… Ever since the release of their sophomore album Sombre Romantic in 2002, the band has had its ups and downs. After a 4-year release drought, they came back strong this year with no less than three albums recorded. Requiem - Mezzo Forte is the first one of the "Requiem" trilogy to surface in early April.

This requiem concept involved a real orchestra playing along the band and with Rowan London delivering his best vocals to-date; this album could not go wrong. The Adelaide Symphonic Orchestra definitely enhanced the greatness of the songs. And while the running time is not phenomenal, the music is so intense that it does not matter. The atmosphere is heavy, menacing, and enchanting. Every song screams masterpiece, even the new spin on "Drink the Midnight's Hymn", re-baptized "Midnight's Hymn". The emotional discharge in the first track alone is worth your money.

As this is the mezzo record, don't expect to be swept away by guitar riffing, however, be ready to be overwhelmed by the purity of the production, the classy orchestra sound, the masterful display of guitar work from Samantha Escarbe, and Rowan' singing abilities. Case and point, this "Requiem" trilogy starts on a perfect note with this record.

Virgin Black is no party music, but they excel at what they do. Another testament for Gothic fans around the world, coming from down under. Now, if only we could listen to the other 2 parts of the project Requiem - Pianissimo and Requiem - Fortissimo before the end of the year, that would be great. If this is not crowned "Gothic album of the year 2007", I'll eat my hat.

Highlights: Pick any song, for me it's 'In Death'.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 10


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09.07.2007 - 09:14
Jason W.
Really, an awesome review. I think the point of a review is to get to the real emotion that the CD made you feel, and you've done it fully here. I'm torn between a few CDs for gothic metal release of the year, but this is definitely one of them. A CD that needs to be listened to in its entirety I think. And Virgin Black have taken their own path musically, and no one's even close. 9+ from me too!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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