Dauntless - Execute The Fact review


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Band: Dauntless
Album: Execute The Fact
Release date: 2007

01. Ruins
02. Shelter Equals Grave
03. Born Controlled
04. Flow of Fortune
05. Blindfolded Solutions
06. Body Open Wide
07. Sickest Victory
08. Suffocated Voice
09. Four Walls United

After sixteen years and six demos, Dauntless have finally scored a biggy. "Execute The Fact" declares total-war. But are their forces strong enough to penetrate your defences?

The main idea of Dauntless is fairly simple. It's pretty straightforward death/thrash metal. The execution however is masterful, with enough dynamics and small vocal changes to make it a punishing treat. The music has just enough facets to pass for a devastatingly impressive combination of arms. Would I trash my place to it? Well, Nile and Superjoint Ritual hold a prominent spot in my annihilation-music, so the competition is tough, but I guess I'll break an occasional vase to Dauntless' tunes. And the mechanical interpretation of a massive hive of misfit wasps in the opening track is enough to trigger homicidal mania.

Of course I feel I must mention some downsides. Unless you're a true fan of the genre then the album might blunt your senses at some point. Then again, the occasional water effect or the crushing breakdowns will bring you back in the blink of an eye.

"Execute The Fact" is a rather decent piece of destruction indeed. Nothing too new, nor not always following my liking, but still a sturdy weapon. I guess I still prefer their compatriots Total Devastation, but I can boldly say that if you're not on a tight budget, "Execute The Fact" is probably worth the money.

Best tracks:
"Body Open Wide"
"Four Walls United"

Written by destroyah | 12.07.2007


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