Havoc Unit - H.IV+
4 February 2008

01. (Untranslated)
02. I.esus
03. When Snuff Is No Longer Enough
04. Gen.eration Gen.ocide
05. Viremia
06. Kyrie Eleison
07. Nihil
08. Man Vs. Flesh
09. Ignoration Elenchi
10. Kill All Nations
11. Kristallnacht
12. Klan Korps
13. Rape Scene Act I

When I got Slayer's "God Hates us All" a few years back I absolutely fell for the album's opening track. With chopping and crushing riffs backing a robotic female voice stating the impending doom and Araya verbalizing with devastating results, I couldn't help but think how awesome it would be to find a CD full of such devious material. Finally, my prayers have been answered. I present to you - Havoc Unit!

If you've heard ...And Oceans then you can imagine what "h.IV+" delivers. After all they are essentially the same band. However, Havoc Unit is a terrifying reincarnation. This is mood music for what lies beyond the apocalypse. Fully industrialized, Havoc Unit is where machine meets flesh. You get hardcore rhythmic riffing combined with tons and tons of voice samples and audio tweaks, preaching madmen and sexual predators. All this has a crackling form much like a radio transmission from the most horrifying of battles. The somewhat subdued growls paint a bleak picture of a future where men exist only in the minds of the machines.

Does this new hardcore-software come without glitches? Well, I reckon one could frown upon the occasional system overloads where you might yearn for a little more clarity in the sound but who could turn down some good old brutality. Not that there's too much of it on this album to bore a regular metalhead anyway. And perhaps this is the best part about "h.IV+" - you get a little bit of everything without compromising anything.

With a running time of 53 minutes for 13 tracks, Havoc Units should fill up any horror metal fan. Whether you like diabolic symphonic overlaps or positive abuse of synthetic sounds, "h.IV+" has it all. This is a hell of a waaa-eee-yy-y-y <system failure> to pass t.ime to [initiating format E:arth] Christi--anity is a misunderstandi-ii-ing.
I c.ondemn chri-chri-stiani.tyy-yyyyy-yyy...

Loading ......./

[Apocalypse complete!] Press [YES] to abandon all hope. Press [NO] to play god.

Band profile: Havoc Unit
Album: H.IV+


written by destroyah | 24.11.2007


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GT - 24.11.2007 at 21:41  
Damn that's some brutal stuff...just heard the tracks on their MySpace. It's quite good some of it. I especially liked Generation Genocide
Dangerboner - 25.11.2007 at 02:47  
This sounds pretty good so far, but that was expected because ...And Oceans is awesome.
Damnated - 25.11.2007 at 16:25  
why love the mediocre when you can enjoy the genius ? *cough* Diapsiquir *cough*

ps: i can't believe this is an official metal storm review.
destroyah - 25.11.2007 at 16:52  
Written by Damnated on 25.11.2007 at 16:25

why love the mediocre when you can enjoy the genius ? *cough* Diapsiquir *cough*

ps: i can't believe this is an official metal storm review.

As for Diapsiquir - matter of taste

Care to elaborate on the last bit?
Damnated - 25.11.2007 at 16:55  
Written by destroyah on 25.11.2007 at 16:52

Care to elaborate on the last bit?

i was just surprised how high the rating is. fan boyish, tbh.
destroyah - 25.11.2007 at 17:03  
Well, perhaps i could've taken a few notches down but still - i stand by it

peace out
Raiden - 26.11.2007 at 05:56  
"...you get a little bit of everything without compromising anything."

Sounds great! haha

I quite like Extreme Industrial type stuff, so I think this band is a must-check-out for me!
Adammm - 26.11.2007 at 06:05  
3 tracks in and I'm currently picking up pieces of my brain.
PrettyMao - 28.11.2007 at 02:47  
Fuck Yeah!!

I have been waiting for them to release something for a long time...

for me they left ...And Oceans on a high and I have been wanting more since then...

I'll be getting this one very soon.
Meller - 11.09.2010 at 15:25  
In right state of mind this stuff can rip you to pieces, mentally. There are days I love this album, and days I hate this. Brilliant. But one thing I do not agee with Metal Storm on this one: I was a bit baffled that Havoc Unit is "also known as" ...And Oceans? To my knowledge and what is read in the (very few made) interviews of Havoc Unit, ...And Oceans quit and on trodded the Havoc Unit, plain and simple. Of course, there are same elements in the music, and they share the musicians, but the bands are different - this was not just a cosmetic name change. (Which I believe the dear staff very well understands, since they have listed the both bands as their own.) IMO, Havoc Unit is more like related to ...And Oceans.

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