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Bobaflex - Tales From Dirt Town review


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Band: Bobaflex
Album: Tales From Dirt Town
Release date: October 2007

01. Sellout
02. Born Again
03. That Old Speed
04. Satisfied
05. Need A Drink
06. Savior
07. Be With You
08. I Still Believe
09. Goodbye
10. One Bad Day
11. Paranoid
12. Home

American alternative metallers Bobaflex return with their new album "Tales From Dirt Town" with a hint of spite towards all the things that have not gone towards their favour in the past. This album may well be the ultimate rise or fall of the band, it is do or die time for them. "Tales From Dirt Town" is three quarters of an hour of pure American commercial, alternative metal with hooks to either hang yourself on in desperation or to enjoy as somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

Indeed if alternative, almost nu metal is not the kind of ball park you like to play in then it is obvious this should not be on your wish-list, but for anyone willing to hear this band out as they put all their last efforts into one album then this could turn out to be of some enjoyment if you are not adverse to leaning in this musical direction every once in a while.

The album starts out great, "Sellout" is a furious double bass pounder acting as a perfect way of venting the rage from within the band, and next track "Born Again" instantly grabs your attention with some quite quirky but at the same time very catchy vocals. As the album draws along you start to realise that there is only so much of this commercially manufactured metal that you can take, and the album may seem to drag. There is not much originality being shown off here, most of these songs sound like they would fit on any other contemporary American band's latest album.

Still there is no denying these guys have some charm about them and it is always good to hear a band that have really put their full effort into album for whatever motives they may have. The album is produced perfectly as almost everything is these days, emphasising the heavy guitars and gritty vocals. There is no doubt this is good party music with tracks like "Need A Drink" and "Be With You". Most of the album has a nice, upbeat feel and energy to it which will no doubt win over the affection of some teenagers looking for a new band to get into.

There is not getting away from the fact that there are better bands in this area, and Bobaflex have originality issues, some times sounding almost as a spin-off of System Of A Down. Some people may find this hollow music and manufactured generally for the masses, but if you can stomach unadulterated American alternative metal then you would have to be the most cynical of people to not find something to enjoy about this album. The effort and confidence of the band comes through from the band well, but from a style that is losing popularity; one cannot help but feel they may be trying to flog a dead horse.


Written on 01.01.2008 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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01.01.2008 - 19:52
Account deleted
Not the best album to review to beging the year with, right?
02.01.2008 - 05:23
Better to start somewhere low so only better things come.
03.01.2008 - 10:51
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Well, I find the review quite positive considering I heard it and would rate it a 4.0 or 4.5 at most.
PLease step away from this album. Not even recommended to people who are into this sort of music.
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Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
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20.04.2009 - 19:35
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
I find it so interesting that people hate this album so much. From the first time I hear the album I really became fond of it. Honestly I'd rate this album with an 8.
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