Pain Of Salvation - 12:5 review


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Band: Pain Of Salvation
Album: 12:5
Release date: February 2004

[Book I: Genesis]
01. Brickwork, Part 1 - I (Leaving Entropia T5 A)
02. Brickwork, Part 1 - II (This Heart Of Mine T5)
03. Brickwork, Part 1 - III (Song For The Innocent T5)
04. Brickwork, Part 1 - IV (Brickwork Descend 1)
05. Brickwork, Part 1 - V (Leaving Entropia T5 B)
[Book II: Genesister]
06. Winning A War T5
07. Reconciliation T5
08. Dryad Of The Woods
09. Oblivion Ocean T5
10. Undertow T5
11. Chainsling
[Book III: Genesinister]
12. Brickwork, Part 2 - VI (Brickwork Ascend 1)
13. Brickwork, Part 2 - VII (Brickwork Ascend 2)
14. Brickwork, Part 2 - VIII (Second Love)
15. Brickwork, Part 2 - IX (Ashes T5)
16. Brickwork, Part 2 - X (Brickwork Descend 2)

The Swedish Progressive Rockers, Pain of Salvation is soon releasing a live album.
And it's no ordinary live album either it's an Acoustic one.
An Acoustic Live album with the strangest title I have ever seen, 12:5.
For me, that never heard Pain of Salvation before, it was a pleasant surprise to hear this very album. (I have heard of them, but never heard any of their music).
No only because I'm weak for acoustic music, but because the music and the songs are holding very high quality.

After four studio albums, it's time for this Eskilstuna based band to release their first Live.
I know many have taking this as their new Studio album, that's going to be released laster this year, and it's named "BE". So don't mix these two releases together now.

The album is splitted into the chapters, with like 1/3 in every chapter.
But the music is self, isn't that different, maybe a bit more instrumental in the first Chapter, and more lyrics in the middle chapter.
And since I'm a "newbie" in Pain of Salvation, I don't have a clue how this songs sounds on the regular records, but if they are close to that I hear here, I have found a new, very good band.

One of the greatness with Pain of Salvation is that with just four albums released, they already have a cult-stamp, that's strong for a band today.
And with a leader like Daniel Gildenlöw, it's harder to fail then to succeed.
The whole story begun in 1984 when Daniel formed his first band, Reality. That 1991 change name to Pain of Salvation.
They have already toured with bands like Threshold and Dream Theater.
And now, they giving us an acoustic live record, filled with emotions and great songs.

That they are skilled is there no doubt off, and even if I haven't heard anything of them (as I mention earlier) I can hear that they are more skilled than many others in the same genre.
The songs are so very well preformed, so there sometimes is hard to hear if it's really a live album, and not a studio record, just because of their skill with the instruments.

The albums rips of with a kind of medieval sound, that I like very much, the acoustic guitars if very good here. And the song it self, "Brickwork Part 1 - I" is one of the best. Emotional and musical, it's a masterpiece that I really have to hear the original of, if there is one.
The rest of Brickwork Part 1 (Book 1) is most instrumental and short, but still good songs.

Then we are entering the second book, "Genesister".
Here we get 6 real songs, no instrumental here.
This part contains the songs: "Winnings a War", "Reconciliation", "Dryad of the Woods", "Oblivion Ocean", Undertow" & Chainsling.
Everyone, is great, every single one of them. (And a fun thing they doing, in the song "Reconciliation" is that they play little from the Star Wars Theme, very nice done lads).

In the last book, "Genesinister", the Brickwork continued, with Part 2.
This time it's just 2 instrumental songs, and 3 real one.
Here I have to bring forward the song; "Brickwork Part 2 - VIII" that's one of the best on the record; the emotion level in this song is amazing.

So, here the "12:5" ends, and I have to say that the "repeat" button was pressed down for a very long time here. It's a wonderful record, a wonderful concert, I would not say no to see this, but unfortunately it's too late now, but lucky for me (and for you) it's recorded and given to us here.
So I really recommend this beautiful live recording to all of you Pain of Salvation fans, and even to all of you, that haven't heard them, but likes Acoustic music, it will not disappoint you!

Favourite Songs: "Brickwork Part2 - VIII", "Reconciliation" & "Brickwork Part 1 - I" gets to be here, but it's almost unfair for the rest of the songs not to be mention here, so I say "All of them" too.

Written by Malcolm | 12.02.2004


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