Twilightning - Bedlam review


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Band: Twilightning
Album: Bedlam
Release date: January 2006

01. Space Of Disgrace
02. Rolling Heads
03. Sex Jail
04. Plague Overload
05. Train To Bedlam

I was very much surprised to hear this side of Twilightning. As a person who is flexible when it comes to types of metal, I was pleasantly pleased. A few of the songs echo the sound of a "superband" of some sort. When two bands merge to make a "superband", within their music are influences from each of the preceding bands. Listening to this EP gave me this vibe. It is a perfect synthesis of Power and Heavy Metal.

Each song has a distinctive sound from the next and yet they are all very good. I have said in the past that if a band is to try something new, EPs are the best way to do so. In this way they can experiment, get their new feelings out and test the market for a possible full album. As diverse as the songs are on this EP, a full album would have been confusing. In order to have a coherent full length album, their sound would have needed to be a little more established. But that is my point. In many cases that is the positive draw to creating EPs over full length albums. Without the pressure of adding filler tracks, a band can better express themselves without having to add in less meaningful songs that would hinder the overall product. "Bedlam", is extremely solid and I feel they made the correct decision to make this an EP and preserve its intended impact on the listener. It starts off strong with the first track "Space of Disgrace" and ends soft with "Train of Bedlam". The band members use this disc to show off their flexibility and range as musicians. With every track I found myself becoming progressively more impressed with their unique transitions from sound to sound. This is the latest Twilightning installment to grace my headphones and though I already had a firm opinion of their musical genius before hearing this EP, it became further solidified after this quick listen.

The EP is phenomenal and as I watch Twilightning continue to grow as a band, I see no end in sight. Their music grows with them and eventually many will see them as one of the most influential Power Metal bands of our time. If you enjoy Twilightning, check out "Bedlam"; it is surely a solid listen. I will even go as far to say that this is the best EP I have heard in quite a while.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by un4givendemon | 19.02.2008


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