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Band: Into Eternity
Album: Buried In Oblivion
Release date: February 2004

01. Splintered Visions
02. Embraced By Desolation
03. Three Dimensional Aperture
04. Beginning Of The End
05. Point Of Uncertainty
06. Spiraling Into Depression
07. Isolation
08. Buried In Oblivion
09. Black Sea Of Agony
10. Morose Seclusion

The Canadians Into Eternity release with "Buried In Oblivion" their third album. The very good 2001 release Dead Or Dreaming offered already technical Death Metal with some Progressive influences, but they didn't get the breakthrough. Now with the second guitarist Rob Doherty, who supports Tim Roth, the song writing got even more complex and they are ready to conquer the play-lists of all metalheads.

The opener "Splintered Visions starts with a fast solo and turns into a Thrash/Death riff attack before the clean vocals begin. Later some growls join into this high-speed track combined with nice melodies. The following "Embraced By Desolation" contains more growling vocals but then a warm sounding short solo leads into a very catchy and clean refrain. Not only the great change between growling and clean vocals is so special but all members share the vocal parts and so often canon-like leads originate.

Except the two ballads ("Buried In Oblivion" and "Morose Seclusion") all songs continue with this structure but you won't be bored because each one is a masterpiece with brutal but very technical riffing by Doherty/Roth, monster drumming by Jim Austin and crazy bass lines by Scott Krall. The Sound often reminds one of Death, Anacrusis or Meshuggah but with the groove of Hypocrisy and intuitive refrains like Dream Theater they created their own sound which is very progressive but after two or three times listening you've got the tunes deep in your brain, because the music still comes from the heart, instead of being mathematically calculated.

These guys have awesome skills and a lot of creativity. I wish more bands like Into Eternity would exist and not the 25th embarrassing Stratovarius/Rhapsody/Helloween whatever clone. I recommend this album at first to everyone who likes well-grounded music with some experiments and at second to everyone who likes Death Metal and Progressive Metal in general, even if it's only a little bit. The nice cover artwork by Mattias Norén rounds up this record or should I say work of art? Up to now the best album of this year. "Only" a 9.5 because it isn't a legendary one yet.

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This is a complete surprise, and one of the greatest surprises of the year! Century Media pulled this one out of nowhere and damn what a fantastic release, I must say that I'm not familiar with previous releases of Into Eternity, and if you're not either, let me tell what's all the fuzz about.

Into Eternity plays Progressive Metal in the vein of Dream Theater or Shadow Gallery, with some neoclassical riffs here and there, fantastic drumming and some guitars right out of the ranks of Swedish Melodeath, all of this combine with multiple vocal choices, clean voice, a low, more gruff Death vox, and another more "shrieky" (a lá Black Metal if you like). The 3 vocals intertwine perfectly and the result is just amazing.

published 09.03.2004 | Comments (12)

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Arian Totalis
Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, are Into Eternity, a band for both progressive and death metal fans alike. Their sound is something which is unique, and distinct in the fact that there is over the top prog techniques being used, many clean/guttural vocal changes (with almost everyone in the band holding some vocal duty or other), and riffs straight out of the DM handbook. This album is their third release, and it is by far one of their most technical and thorough pursuits. The masters of many people's depression haunted minds really pulled off what could be called a prog masterpiece .

published 23.02.2010 | Comments (7)

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