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Band: Kataklysm
Album: Prevail
Release date: May 2008

Disc I
01. Prevail
02. Taking The World By Storm
03. The Chains Of Power
04. As Death Lingers
05. Blood In Heaven
06. To The Throne Of Sorrow
07. Breathe To Dominate
08. Tear Down The Kingdom
09. The Vultures Are Watching
10. The Last Effort (Renaissance II) [Instrumental]

Disc II [Live At DeepRockDrive (DVD)] [bonus]
01. Like Angels Weeping The Dark
02. As I Slither
03. In Shadows & Dust
04. Crippled And Broken
05. The Ambassador Of Pain
06. Let Them Burn
07. Manipulator Of Souls
08. The Resurrected
09. Face The Face Of War
10. Where The Enemy Sleeps
11. The Road To Devastation
+ Taking The World By Storm [video]
+ Photogallery

From a relatively unknown death metal band in the mid-nineties, Kataklysm have now established themselves as both a popular and respectable death metal force and are about to explode onto the scene once more with album number nine. These Canadians have evolved a lot over the years; from a sloppy but inspired chaotic death metal splatter to this finely polished machine that stands in front of us today. The northern hyperblast have ground to make up due to the less than impressive previous album "In The Arms Of Devastation" but this is made up for with this tremendously redeeming slab of modern death metal.

This album sees Kataklysm revitalised and bursting with new found inspiration and power, "Prevail" is not an album that gets stuck with uninspired guitar riffs and mediocre songs, but this time we see Kataklysm make a gigantic step even further towards melodic death metal, as "Breathe To Dominate" and "The Vultures Are Watching" are certainly Amon Amarth-worthy on that front with the combined power and melody. The opening, and title track "Prevail" shows that although melodies may be weaving their way into the music, they are still more than capable of breaking your neck with a solid block of pounding, almost groovy death metal. This is still a very Kataklysm album with their trademark hyperblast style back to full strength, most of the songs on the album have their own defining points, and the whole thing is helped along with a clear but not overproduced production to bring out each riff, blast and growl.

Only setbacks are a few mediocre tracks that never seem to get going. Slower tracks such as "Taking The World By Storm" that take the whole melodic direction a little too far for comfort hinder the progress and flow of the otherwise powerful album. This is not technical or brutal death metal, but melodic death metal with a purpose and musically steady, solid line-up to deliver the album with intent.

There are enough highlights on this disc to make "Prevail" one of the best death metal releases of the year so far. Kataklysm are undoubtedly back on the right track to clear your minds of any negative thoughts that may have been festering since the release of the last album. This is an album with both crushing power in places all smothered with melodic guitar riffs and the trademark hyperblast drum work that is all backed up with an apparent burst of inspiration with the song writing. Although not entirely original sounding, the album is what it is, and does it in a way that pleasantly does not seem monotonous or recycled from previous works. "Prevail" does just that; it is a refreshing lease of life and welcome addition to the Kataklysm back catalogue and should not be overlooked for any reason.


Written on 22.05.2008 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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23.05.2008 - 05:37
I disagree with absolutely everything written here... IMO this is even worse than both Victims and Devastation. Too much slow, groovy, Pantera/core-esque, melodic-wannabe bs, nothing as energetic as Let Them Burn, nothing with as much character as... hell, everything on Victims is lacking in that department but still has more charm than everything here. Renaissance II is a very disappointing misnomer, but still the best track on the album with no cringe-inducing vocals or lyrics.

The few solos on offer are among the highlights for me, but everything else is generic as fuck... tracks 4 and 5 have to be among the worst they've ever written. To sum it all up, taken from the former:
"As death lingers, soulless we march on."
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23.05.2008 - 12:02
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
I agree with Syk, this is IMO Kataklysm's worst album to date. Lately these Canadians have been going from strength to strength with each subsequent release, but in a negative way. On Prevail they sound even more uninspired and bland than on Devastation. To wash away the terrible taste Previal left in my mouth I will put on Epic (Poetry of War) once again and enjoy some good death metal instead.

I wonder how bad the next album will be.
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23.05.2008 - 19:15
dude I was about to write a review saying that this album is as lame as the day is long...

I wish this band stopped releasing the same album over and over again, it's just worse than anal cucumbering....and I guess that's less boring than what Kataklysm started doing since that fire whatever album...

I can't see why or how anyone could feel this album is any good...much less worth of an 8 rating...
23.05.2008 - 21:22
Winter is Coming
I'll trust Baz's opinion on this one, I'll be placing my order of the CD in a few moments, though 3 negative opinions is rather interesting.
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Ser Jorah Mormont
24.05.2008 - 03:08
Guess I'll be the first to agree with Baz then. This album is indeed overproduced and rather uninspired, but it's still a lot better than Serenity in Fire and In the Arms of Devastation (not to mention Victims and The Prophecy). Sure, no way it could beat Epic or Shadows & Dust, but it's nonetheless quite catchy and entertaining. I for my part enjoyed it quite a bit.
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24.05.2008 - 06:27
i think its a good album, not great, but worth a listen
24.05.2008 - 07:11
Anyone who has ever heard Temple of Knowledge would disown this new Kataklysm. Anyone who likes this album is likely not going to able to understand what makes the first few albums so great.
24.05.2008 - 12:30
Written by deadbraincells on 24.05.2008 at 07:11

Anyone who has ever heard Temple of Knowledge would disown this new Kataklysm. Anyone who likes this album is likely not going to able to understand what makes the first few albums so great.

Sylvaine is out of the band since ten years now, get friggin' over it already. You can't really compare Sylvaine's and Maurizio's Kataklysm anyway as both have a sound of their own and could actually be two different bands. If you can't stand Maurizio's Kataklysm, fine, but there's no need to accuse those who do of incomprehension towards the Sylvaine-fronted incarnation. I for my part don't see much of a problem in enjoying both Sorcery and Prevail.
All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ...At least for now.
- The Mystery of Life, Vol. 841 Ch. 26
25.05.2008 - 16:11
This album is absolutely amazing and i think it's a satisfaction for band member Jean-Francois who told me last year he is still waiting for the best Kataklysm album ever. I supose they accomplished top album in their career so far. I'm enjoying on-coming live shows. Enjoy probably best album this year.
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25.05.2008 - 22:32
I agree with the two first posts. I've read some few reviews praising this new release and i cant understand them. Like Syk says "Too much slow, groovy, melodic-wannabe bs...". The album has nothing extreme or brutal, the first song should be a fucking kick in the nuts instead its just a lame groove death metal song it has nothing special just like the rest of the album, there are too much riff that sound the same and that we've heard over the last 2 records. I think they run out of ideas of an extreme album and decided to make a different record but with nothing really distinctive or out-standing

The worst of this is that they are no longer the northern hyperblast, after listening to the record you get the feeling of being ripped off because the thing that bothers me the most is that they said this was going to be the best Kataklysm album since Sorcery!!! Bullshit!! I think i was excited with this new release not because the last album but because Live in Deutschland was a very good release (the DVD) so i really thought this album was going to be great but the reality is other. Now i've come to think that they will never make another record like Epic, my favourite album of them

I would not rate this with a 1 but i would give it a 5 because i still respect the band for their past records
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31.05.2008 - 06:33
Hey Promonex

It's like this - I am a Canadian myself and to have to put down such a welll-known band as Kataklysm hurts a bit but seriously this is not even close to the type of music that got them known as the Northern Hyperblast. 'Catchy' and 'Enrtaining' is not how this band got a Darkthrone song named after them.

31.05.2008 - 06:57
As a matter of fact just to make sure I wasn't being unfair, I decided to listen to the back catalog again - again. I listen to Temple of Knowledge at least once a week as it is. If it matters at all the first album I owned by Kataklysm was In The Arms Of Devastation. I suspect that Temple of Knowledge is a hard album to get into even though I love it and listen to it quiite a bit. I'm still not willing to agree that the new breed of Kataklysm can hold a burnt crisp of a candle to the old stuff though.
31.05.2008 - 07:12
12.06.2008 - 21:30
Seeker of Truth
being new to the band, and thus knowing nothing about the previous releases, I can't compare it to anything. So taking it as a separate piece of music, I think it's not that bad.
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19.06.2008 - 08:12
I love this album.esp the "Breathe To Dominate" song.Its a "I've heard this before" song for sure but nothing short of gr8. 7-8 / 10 for sure once again .
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28.06.2008 - 11:59
Lost To Apathy
800 blasbeats a minute does not a good album make
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29.06.2008 - 07:10
I'm so disapointed by this album. I heard that Kataklysm says that it's a more melodic one. OK, but seems more like "modern In Flames" with groovy experiments.

IMO, pure shit, I could'nt believe Kataklysm goes that way
I do not understand why they chose to do that kind of sound, they already got some great melodic material, like "the tragedy i preach" in serenity in fire, and it's far away from this "modern emo in flames style".

They should stay at what they are the best, hyperblasting death metal butchery. The prophecy to Serenity in fire seem their best period.
28.02.2009 - 15:39
Liver Failure
Slightly better than the previous ''In the arms of devastation''.. but there is nothing that special about this work..As Death Lingers is a very good song.. an 6,5/10 is good enough.

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14.10.2009 - 21:55
This album screams pure mediocrity, first track to last.
12.02.2010 - 18:43
Not sure about kataklysm yet.
23.09.2010 - 21:27
What i can say negative about prevail : the album is less brutal than serenity in fire or The Prophecy But it is not bad because these guys have a great talent .. what i can say positive is that these guy became most serious and they are well known around the world. And the instrumental track the last effort (renaissance II) make me feel the same way as when i listen Orion of metallica that is an instrumental too on master of puppet i didnt listen blood venom but i think its gonna be a great album too
01.01.2012 - 18:25
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
I like this album.
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum

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