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Band: Mägo De Oz
Album: Mägo De Oz
Release date: 1994

01. T'esnucaré Contra'l Bidé
02. El Lago
03. Rock Kaki Rock
04. Gerdundula [Status Quo Cover]
05. Lo Que El Viento De Dejó
06. Yankees Go Home
07. El Hijo Del Blues
08. Nena
09. Gimme Some Lovin' [Spencer Davis Group cover]
10. Mägo De Oz

Hola amigos de Mago de Oz, here we are to take a look at Mago's self titled debut album, which is definitely not a metal album. This is about to be some clarification what it really is what they play (wide range of styles) and why it's still not bad though it's not very close to metal and José was not the singer back in 1994.

The first song 'T'esnucare Contra'l Bide' is a rock ('n roll) piece clearly influenced by ZZ Top and Gary Moore adding a bit of violin and saxophone to make it sound like it was Mago's own... 'El Lago' rather than the predecessing song fits into the category Mago's own, though the whole album seems to be lacking a clear direction. 'El Lago' gits into the style Mago followed on later albums, hard rock/ metal with folk underlined. 'El hijo del Blues' again is rock 'n roll' with a quite harder approach than original rock n roll, again adding typical violin and also a saxophone. I don't quite remember of which song it's ripped off, but it sure is a famous one. 'Rock Kaki Rock' is an instrumental folk piece, typical intrumentation and it could fit perfectly on any other following album. 'Gerdundula' is very relaxed blues-rock, another tune that you sure had in your ear before, but don't quite remember where it's from. 'Lo que el viento se dejo' is more a country-folk oriented rock song , which at times sounds as if all the intruments were out of tune. 'Yankees go home' starts as slow blues with cool guitar riffs and then turns into a hard played rock n roll song. 'Nena' again sounds like a ZZTop song with violin additions, 'Gimme some lovin' is the folk-hard rock rip off from the tune that you know from Blues Brothers or from Steve Winwood, very intersting to hear the song that way. 'Mago De Oz' begins like one of those 80's mawkish songs, but turns to a heavy rock piece of +9 minutes length.

In all this is a very bad metal album, because the metal in it is a rare find, but a very enjoyable rock/ hard rock album with a large bandwidth of styles included and a singer (Juanma) with the perfect voice for rock and blues. 3 points for a metal album 7 for a hard rock album. (5 points in a whole, but for the given reasons not a bad album)

Written by Pierre Tombale | 02.09.2004



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13.09.2009 - 23:00
Heaven Knight
I would say you got the point of all negative critics about Mägo De Oz...they are "weak folk metal", but only because they are simply "not metal enough"...sadly it caused quite low overall rating here on MS for such a good band
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21.03.2010 - 17:43
Liver Failure
Very weird rock n roll, with some hints of metal.

El Lago is a pretty good song, but most of the critics seem right in giving this album constant low scores...

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