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Band: Deicide
Album: Deicide
Release date: 1990

01. Lunatic Of God's Creation
02. Sacrificial Suicide
03. Oblivious To Evil
04. Dead By Dawn
05. Blasphererion
06. Deicide
07. Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
08. Mephistopheles
09. Day Of Darkness
10. Crucifixation

Substantially, Death Metal's spread started on 1989, when bands like Morbid Angel and Obituary released their debut albums -which are two death metal milestones. Morbid Angel created the absolute paranoid death metal sound, while Obituary managed to convert the word "Rotten" into music! We shouldn't also forget the great albums released from Autopsy and Pestilence that year. After these releases everyone believed that even extreme music had a boundary. They were wrong…

It was about 1990 when with their debut album, Deicide created one of the most grimey albums in the history of metal, the same titled "Deicide". This album contains some Death Metal anthems, songs which can't ever be forgotten from the death metal fans. The rawness of "Deicide" was something shocking and also unprecedented even for those years. Just the fact that the setlist in the live shows of the band included at least three or four songs ("Dead By Dawn", "Sacrificial Suicide", "Deicide" and "Lunatic Of God's Creation": the most famous songs in the bands history) means a lot, I guess.

I do not intend to say a lot about the album's content. If someone hasn't listened to it at least 100 times and calls himself a death metal fan, then he deserves to be hanged! The songs on "Deicide" are just perfect: powerful, catchy in some moments, extremely fast (super drumming), Hoffman brothers do a great guitar work and Glen Benton's vocals are, seriously, Violent and Furious! Need more? Great cover art (it shows the picture of a demon which Benton has in one of his medallions), great production (one point from being perfect) and Great Blasphemous Lyrics!

Perhaps, I've said too much. So, go now and buy "Deicide", this absolutely violent and churlish album, maybe the greatest achievement from Deicide. This is not an album that you should just listen to. It deserves to be in Every extreme metal collection!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 9

Written by Deadmeat | 07.05.2009


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08.08.2009 - 04:09
I wonder what this album would've sounded like with the production you get in today's death metal?
08.08.2009 - 20:19
Written by Stuart on 08.08.2009 at 04:09

I wonder what this album would've sounded like with the production you get in today's death metal?

I don't understand why some people knock the production of these old school albums that sound perfectly fine to me. There are some albums that have genuinely bad production, but people seem to overlook it just because they aren't as well known. But I guess if they are well known enough to be appreciated by moderate fans of the genre, they have to have razor sharp production.

Excellent album btw, by far my favorite Deicide album and one of my favorite DM albums.
06.09.2010 - 00:30
Eh? For me the production from that era helps signify the overall sound it creates to me, as listener. Just fits like a f***ing glove!
I wouldn't had wanted it different
Definitely a really good album! I totally support the rating given by the reviewer.
18.05.2011 - 06:42
Screw production, I like it raw and brutal.
06.02.2012 - 05:22
Haiwaan Das
Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr
16.06.2013 - 01:04
Everything on this album is perfect... raw production/brutal/fast and blasphemous...Awesome Album...Lyrics that kills every christian from 100 m away

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