Demon Hunter - Live In Nashville review


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Band: Demon Hunter
Album: Live In Nashville
Release date: January 2009

01. Intro
02. Storm The Gates Of Hell
03. Lead Us Home
04. Ribcage
05. I Am You
06. Carry Me Down
07. Fading Away
08. The Soldier's Song
09. Follow The Wolves
10. Undying
11. Infected
12. Sixteen
13. My Heartstrings Come Undone
14. The Flame That Guides Us Home / Not I
15. Not Ready To Die

One of the biggest names in modern Christian Metal unleashes their assault upon us in an all new live album. For the past several years Demon Hunter has gone from an unknown band to both a top act in Christian music circles and the Metalcore scene and after four strong studio albums capture their concert performance with Live in Nashville from the amazing "Stronger Than Hell" tour.

This album manages to pull off an aspect missing from most live albums I have heard this decade: the fact it is live. Too often live albums sound so polished that it just feels like a greatest hits album or oppositely come across as a better than average bootleg. Live in Nashville makes the listener feel as if they are right there in the midst of the crowed for the sound quality is great but the audience is still heard with their cheers and screams.

Hailing from Seattle, Demon Hunter have gained a good deal of respect for the mix of Metalcore and Post Grunge they've constructed while being unapologetic about their Christian faith, all of which is self evident here. Their performance is not the tightest or most technical out there but they are not sloppy either. The emotion and joy in their music is the main focus with this record as you can hear how much fun they're having on stage. Just as important as the band is the audience as they sing along at the top of their lungs. Some of the best parts are when Ryan Clark stops singing and has the fans do the choruses. Admittedly the highlight is when Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) comes out and sings with the band on "Sixteen" which he also sang on Storm The Gates of Hell.

While this album is very enjoyable it does have two week elements to it. The first being the length; it is just a little too short for my tastes. At just over an hour I was left wanting at least another 20-30 minutes. But this was recorded on tour with a slew of other bands, so it is understandable that the band didn't have all night to play. Still, with having a shorter amount of time I wish there was a little more variety in the songs as most of the material comes from Storm The Gates of Hell. Again, I understand that this tour was supporting that album but for a show that was being recorded, it would have been nice for some more songs from the first three albums.

With a good mix of jet engine decibel level music and heartfelt ballads, Live in Nashville is a must have for any Metalcore, Alternative Metal and Post Grunge fan. If you don't know Demon Hunter, I'd recommend listening to their studio releases first before moving onto this album. Overall I am pleased with their first live album and can't wait for more.

Written by Dane Train | 07.07.2009


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