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Band: Anorexia Nervosa
Album: Redemption Process
Release date: October 2004

01. The Shining
02. Antinferno
03. Sister September
04. Worship Manifesto
05. Codex-Veritas
06. An Amen
07. The Sacrament
08. Les Tzars [Indochine cover] [European bonus]
09. Stabat Mater Dolorosa [2004 version] [Japanese bonus]
10. I'll Kill You [X-Japan cover] [Japanese bonus]
11. Sister Septemper [demo] [Korean bonus]
12. Codex-Veritas [demo] [Korean bonus]

Since 9 years now, each days, Anorexia Nervosa the French combo of Symphonic Black Metal grow up and grow up again. The fact is that this band is becoming more and more important every hour, every minute, only because that their music is better each time on each new album. The listeners, aren't stupid they know how to see that a band do great albums, and they know how to do good choice when they want to buy a new cd. That's not a surprise to see that a lot of fans of this musical style say that Anorexia Nervosa is now one of the best band of the style, if they aren't the best… "Redemption Process" follow the rule, this album will be THE album of symphonic Black Metal of the year, and give the feeling that bands like Cradle Of Filth are just funny dudes in comparison… Now let's go in this world of Extreme Metal… a world of anger of nihilism, the world of Anorexia Nervosa…

I'm sure that a lot of people were waiting the new Anorexia Nervosa, certainly because of the numerous deceptions that we had recently with the last releases of the leaders of this musical style but also because this band is now a famous one. "Redemption Process" at least is not a deception, at the opposite this album will certainly give a real hope to all the people who like this music. In fact, the great thing with the French combo even if their style nowadays is maybe a bit more "cool", is that they always do true Black Metal in this musical style. Seriously I can't smell anything done only for money and only to catch some new potential fans. They do their music like they like to do music, and really that's great to see that some bands can do that again…
Musically "Redemption Process" is great, great in reason of some aspects in the music which do that the albums of Anorexia Nervosa aren't really common. Like each time with Anorexia Nervosa, we have this excellent orchestration. A powerful symphonic background which gives all the power to the music of the band, but in addition this time the guitars are a lot more present, it's hard to explain how it is really, but you could see that the melodies of the guitars are a bit more powerful but always with this special unclean sound directly from the underground and damn that's good when you like Black Metal, to see that we can have a perfect production however with a "True" sound. And what about Hreidmarr's vocals? Well as always his voice is very insane, very tortured and scary, but even sometime clean an beautiful. But I think that some people could be a bit disappointed maybe. But the majority will find it very good… It really depend of your taste in fact and personally I think that's it's ok.
The particularity of this album come from the talent of writing of the guys, because they really knew how to do something catchy, really. A song like "Codex - Veritas" with it powerful tempo and insane guitar riffs is perfect and the magical "Sister September" with its beautiful orchestral melody and it's great chorus is a killer song, this kind of song that you couldn't never forget. In general all the songs are great and the symphonic parts on all the albums for sure are certainly one of the fist reason which do that "Redemption Process" is a little jewel of Symphonic Black Metal.
With a great production a great sound very well mixed even if we are in the spirit of Black Metal, and like each time with this band a beautiful cover, that's hard to find something wrong in this album. No doubt that the band is at its apogee with this album.

"Redemption Process" is a success, it's hard to find something wrong in this album and really the Frenchies show us that they are surpassing the masters. If you like such music, if you don't know Anorexia Nervosa and if you want to find a great band, you know what you have to do now…. This album is a great album and I recommend it to all of you… Hail Anorexia Nervosa !!!

Written by Jeff | 03.10.2004



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19.11.2006 - 00:23
Account deleted
Great album!!! nothing more to say..
19.11.2006 - 01:42
My favorite part of AN is that the symphonic keyboard effects sound pretty close to parts of an actual orchestra. Many bands can't pull that off due to compression, but these guys do it well.
23.10.2007 - 02:26
Account deleted
really great album, Sister September is my favorite song in this album
12.04.2009 - 10:36
Liver Failure
''Redemption Process" at least is not a deception...''
Thats the perfect sentence for this album. I see the quality and enjoyed listening to it, but the heaviness from the two previous works was soften, the power is not the same.

''Antinferno'', ''Worship Manifesto'' are exellent songs, the other ones are equaly competent but do not call much attention. The epic violins with extreme guitars from Draudenhaus and the atmosphere from NOO are not in such evidence in Redemption Precess.

Maybe 9.0 is a little exaggerated rate.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
13.05.2010 - 04:24
LeChron James
This album doesnt even come close to Drudenhaus or New Obscurantis Order . with this album i can understand why Hriedmarr left.
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