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Band: Running Wild
Album: Blazon Stone
Release date: April 1991

01. Blazon Stone
02. Lone Wolf
03. Slavery
04. Fire And Ice
05. Little Big Horn
06. Over The Rainbow
07. White Masque
08. Rolling Wheels
09. Bloody Red Rose
10. Straight To Hell
11. Heads Or Tails
12. Billy The Kid [Japanese bonus]
13. Genocide [Thin Lizzy cover]
14. Dancing On A Minefield [USA bonus]

Another re-release by Century Media Brazil for South America, this time we have another fine piece of music by German legends, Running Wild and this, their seventh album is being re-mastered for the occasion.

With all due respect that this band deserve, I never been a fan of them, as a matter of fact, I found them boring. I know I've raised some eyebrows with this comment, but what can I do? I can't lie, I never been a fan of traditional Heavy Metal, never liked Manowar, Saxon, Running Wild among others.

But that doesn't make me deny that this is not a bad album things are in place, songs are catchy and well arranged, the melodies are well blended with some heavier moments, and the overall mood of the Cd is very Party Metal, if you know what I mean.

Some good songs are bound to be found on this record, like title track "Blazon Stone", "Little Big Horn", "Lone Wolf" and "White Masque" , those are the songs that caught my attention, although I didn't find them so compelling or attractive.

Must be the obligatory dose of cheese that come with the release, from the band picture with the leather uniforms and the hairdo with liters of hair spray, and "this is my villain face", "this is my talented musician face" and the mandatory "this is my leader of the band -respect me- face", damn, photo shoots back then was tedious work.

This was fun right? Blazon Stone, a album that I bet is worshiped by millions around the world, seen from the eyes of non-fan of the band. My verdict? Ehh... still, I don't like the band, but that's no reason to trash a perfectly listenable record, I don't see flaws or much technical defects, so go ahead, if you like this album give me a call, I'll give it away only if it's your birthday and you're turning 35.

Written by Undercraft | 07.10.2004


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