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Band: It Dies Today
Album: Lividity
Release date: September 2009

01. This Ghost
02. Reckless Abandon
03. Thank You For Drinking
04. Miss October
05. Bled Out In Black And White
06. Martyr Of Truth
07. Nihility
08. Life Of Uncertainty
09. The Architects
10. Complacence Without Pursuit (Lividity)
11. Come Undone

They're young and rebels, they're from USA and their band name tries to be dark. Who are they? It Dies Today of course! New release for a relatively new band (even if it's already their third album) Lividity proves one more time that a certain number of American bands don't try to be original and just follow the trends. I don't know, maybe that (Emo) Metalcore works really well there or that it's just cool to do such music (especially for young "depressive" girls) but shit, it's becoming boring in the end. This band could be good, their new album is just something absolutely formatted… wake up!

And I don't really know if I need to describe the music featured on this album… Yes I'm bored by all those releases which sound the same and above everything else I cannot stand anymore "Emo" clean vocals, I just can't! The sad story behind this album is that the guys seem to be good musicians! The riffs and the rhythmic are solid and we even have real guitars solos but damn why do they have to do something so formatted? This is one more time the same recipe, big violent riffs with blasting drums, a super melodic chorus and, of course, a singer who change his death vocals into some cuty cuty emo clean ones. I don't know why they have to do that, maybe that it's just a way to prove that they're not bad guys? Or that young little girl could listen to this music because after all they "sing" too? I wouldn't bet a lot of money on the fact that we don't have any marketing strategy here… or after all maybe that it's just a trend, that's how Metal works in general anyway right?

As I said Lividity is not especially bad too, the guys play well and despite the ridiculous choruses the music is heavy with good melodic riffs. But it's formatted and absolutely common. Why would you like to buy this album if you already have famous releases of the genre in your discography? See what I mean? Lividity is just one new other release in the genre, it's not terrible, it's not good too, it's common.

Right now, if I want to listen to good Metalcore, I just have to listen to Heaven Shall Burn, Shadows Fall or even Killswitch Engage but I won't buy this kind of release because it just doesn't give anything else. Seriously if It Dies Today would like to remove all their clean vocals and add some craziness in their songs, it could be good but right now the clean vocals just ruin everything… Do what you want, if you like Metalcore you'll probably like this release but if you're really "dark" and if you're a real rebel, stop to listen to Deatchore and average Metalcore and check classic Death and Thrash. That's all what rebellion and pain are.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 30.01.2010



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30.01.2010 - 19:40
Troy Killjoy
You're more than accurate with your analysis of the American metal market. It's just one trend after another, although the emocore fad is still somehow surviving -- thriving, even. This stuff is targeting female metalheads and scene kids who are also awaiting the next Waking the Cadaver release. It's a sad state of affairs really, bands like this just follow a simple routine and pump out album after album with absolutely no defining qualities and the American public eat it up! I don't understand it!

Then again, this is a nation that praises Lady GaGa for her refreshing sound and sense of musical ingenuity. Not to offend my fellow Canadians or friendly neighbors to the South, and I know there are plenty of North Americans who hate this style of music as well, but it's bothersome that so many bands like this are taking over the scene on this side of the world...
Prettier than BloodTears.
06.02.2010 - 00:53
This is indeed another release to feul the hype for our little teenage children. Not that i am old or anything. I'm a great fan of metalcore and sorts, but it's going the wrong way. I totally agree with you about the formatted styles and stuff. Although i do find it interesting how you're writing a review against the formatted stuff out there, and at the end state
"Right now, if I want to listen to good Metalcore, I just have to listen to Heaven Shall Burn, Shadows Fall or even Killswitch Engage".
Talking about formats... In my opinion that's far from the best of the genre. But whatever floats your boat.
Album does suck though.
Under the rise of the shining moon
Through the night I'll come for you
To take your soul to hell

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