Vox Tempus - Demo review

Band: Vox Tempus
Album: Demo
Release date: 2003

01. For Every Life
02. Revelations
03. What About

Vox Tempus is a new Prog Metal combo from the USA in the pure tradition of the US Prog bands like Dream Theater, Rush or Queensryche. This review is about their promo cd, only 3 songs of their upcoming album, but if you are a Prog Metal fan, be sure that you must read it, because a real good thing is coming for us.

As I said before this review is only about the promo cd of the band, only 3 songs of the upcoming new album of the band which will be released this year. But damn, for sure a real good album is certainly coming. When I listen this foretaste, with the really good clean vocals of Dan Reed, the great guitars solo of Ray Mantor or the very good parts of Keyboards of Eric Ragno, my only feeling can be a good one. It's well done, very nice and a catchy song like "For Every Life" is without any doubt a killer. Not less than 21 mins for only 3 songs, you can understand that we have again, [and it's that that we want with a Prog Metal band], some compositions with a lot of technical, a lot of break and complex writing which is not however boring. It's a real good point and it's good to listen this cd, because in general the music is catchy and yeah not boring like for some Prog metal bands.

With a very good production that will certainly lead this album to shine in the coming times, I'm sure that the first album of Vox Tempus could be a killer. The sound is very good, well mixed, then I'm sure that this upcoming album could be a masterpiece.

We have something more than promising here, Vox Tempus could be a real good surprise of the year, we just need to listen their new album now.
Prog Metal fans, remember that name, Vox Tempus, something really great will come soon, and believe me we will hear of them you can trust me…

Written by Jeff | 19.11.2004


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