Krisiun - Bloodshed review


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Band: Krisiun
Album: Bloodshed
Release date: October 2004

01. Slain Fate
02. Ominous
03. Servant Of Emptiness
04. Eons
05. Hateful Nature
06. Visions Beyond
07. Voodoo
08. They Call Me Death
09. Unmerciful Order
10. Crosses Toward Hell
11. Infected Core
12. Outro / MMIV

Another year, another Krisiun album, the Brazilian trio proved once more that they're hard workers and yet another time they recorded an album for the fans with a lot of surprises.
"Bloodshed" is a album with eight new songs recorded in the "Da Tribo Studios" in their hometown Sao Paulo and as a bonus they remastered four songs from their 1993 MCD "Unmerciful Order".

You must know first, if you haven't heard Krisiun already, this is material strictly for Death Metallers only, if you're not into Death Metal, walk away, because this is serious aggressive stuff, Krisiun are not joking around, the Brazilian trio comes again unrelentless and sharing brutality among their fans.

Although the formula is quite basic, Krisiun manage to create some good tunes, I even felt this album a little bit slower than the rest, even the sound is even more raw and primitive, or maybe it's that the four last songs are taken from their demo as I said before, and lack the quality from the first eight ones.

A couple of disappointments, the artwork which is pretty poor I think, if you compare it with previous works of the band, here they just did a simplistic design, even the booklet is poor and the layout is horrible, too bad.
I wasn't satisfied with the Demo songs included here, they show a Krisiun very immature with boring compositions and terrible sound, I think this four songs are more important because for their rarity value rather than their actual originality, so, last four songs, recommended for die hard fans only.
Track seven is really weird, "Voodoo" is an instrumental song with peculiar, almost tribal percussion, hmm Kaiowas anyone?

Another year, another Krisiun release, maybe you guys are getting used to this, but sincerely I prefer to wait a couple of years to get a killer album, than have a somewhat good album every year. let's hope that we don't hear from these guys until 2006.

Written by Undercraft | 09.12.2004



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30.04.2007 - 13:24
Account deleted
Sums it up pretty well. It was a disappointment for me to find out that the 4 tracks were remastered demo-songs (I just picked this one from the store because I wasn't familiar with them). Like you stated, they're rather lame stuff with shitty production. The new songs varied between good & average.
28.04.2008 - 05:28
Liver Failure
i dont know.. isnt even close to their best work (Conqueror of armaggedon in my opinion) but its still good quality DM. And i like the instrumental ''tribal oriented'' track... they should play more of these, its original in brutal death anyway.

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