Vektor - Demolition review


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Band: Vektor
Album: Demolition
Release date: 2006

01. Spiral Galaxy
02. Oblivion
03. Fast Paced Society
04. Venus Project
05. Destroying The Cosmos
06. Infiltration
07. Moonbase
08. Tetrastructural Minds

"Demolition is a 4 (almost 5 now) year old demo with some great songs that suffered very slow tempos, some sloppy performance, and poor production. As a band we reeeeally don't stand behind Demolitionand wish nobody would listen to it really. It's just not a representation of the band at all. We all agree it's shitty and we hate giving it out to people!"
-Blake Anderson (Vektor's drummer)

Do you know something Blake? I think you've got a problem… Demolition is a really great album.

But let's start from the beginning. Vektor is a new band who plays thrash metal, but not in the common way. Their music can be described as thrash metal with many leads and some progressive elements, mostly in the structures of the songs. They were formed in 2004 and in 2006 they released Demolition (self-release). The fact that they probably couldn't do the best job in some of the album's details (production, album cover etc…) doesn't mean that Demolition's musical side isn't great.

Let's start with Demolition's disadvantages; probably the band would do the same. The production isn't that good. You can hear the instruments but the sound isn't so clean or polished. However the sound is still thrashy enough and highlights well the good elements of Vektor's music. The cover art is nothing special; it shows a space-vehicle on the moon, thus preparing us for the sci-fi lyrics of the band. Finally, the execution of the songs isn't that great (for example in the last minutes of "Destroying The Cosmos").

So, let's point out now the advantages: This band has a lot of potential and great skills. Much more than any other (new) thrash metal band at the moment. The music that these guys have created is magnificent. Every riff is just awesome and 100% original! It's amazing how powerful, thrashy, contrived and at the same time emotional their music is. The songwriting is also great as all the songs are excellent (maybe except "Moonbase" which sometimes can be boring especially at the beginning of the song as in the end it turns to a killer). Disanto's vocals are very good, maybe inspired from Destruction and Kreator; also his squeaks are great - on the other hand there will surely be some people who won't like the album just because of the vocals. Some others will love it though.

For those who got bored of bands that write songs with 3-4 riffs, Vektor has written songs that will never get you bored. For example "Tetrastructural Minds" has 9-10 riffs (without including the leads and the acoustic guitar parts). Some of those riffs are faster, others are slower but the fact is that all of them are great. The best songs of Demolition are: "Oblivion": a Thrash metal anthem, "Destroying The Cosmos": the ending of the song is probably the best moment of the album, "Tetrastructural Minds": magnificent song, already mentioned.

So, there is nothing more to be said. Demolition is one of those albums who will stay for a long time in your CD player. Seriously, there is no way that you'll get bored of that album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 8

Written by Deadmeat | 08.09.2010


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