On Thorns I Lay - Future Narcotic review


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Band: On Thorns I Lay
Album: Future Narcotic
Release date: 2000

01. Infinity
02. Future Narcotic
03. The Threat Of Seduction
04. Feed Her Lust
05. Love Can be A Wave
06. Ethereal Blue
07. Heaven's Passager
08. Desire
09. Back To That Enigma
10. The K Song
11. Fragrance from Planets of Delight [2001 re-release bonus]
12. SD 2001 [2001 re-release bonus]
13. Space Avenger [2001 re-release bonus]
14. Fear And Love [2001 re-release bonus]
15. Virtual Limit [2001 re-release bonus]
16. Back To Earth [2001 re-release bonus]
17. Oxcilarating Sensations [2001 re-release bonus]

As I was walking by in my hometown this summer, I noticed an old record store with the sign "5 CDs 20 Euros." I went in to check their stock to see if there's anything worth buying and there it was! Future Narcotic by On Thorns I Lay! I have most of their albums and that was the last one missing from their later stuff, so I bought it straight away...

On Thorns I Lay is a Greek band that started with Death Doom Metal (Sounds Of Beautiful Experience, Orama) and later moved on a more Gothic sound (Crystal Tears). This record is the missing musical link between the sound they had on Crystal Tears and later on Angeldust. Their sound here is less raw than the previous album, but still quite atmospheric with lots of ambient elements. They move more into Gothic Metal without losing their Doom influences. The whispering vocals that were introduced before are still here, along with the female ones of Claudia J. that I have to admit became a bit annoying on some tracks. There's heavy use of viola on almost every song along with some keyboards/piano that enhance this feeling of sadness that's widespread on all of their albums.

The music on this album is great, I loved it from the first play that evening. The weak part of this record though, is the songwriting. It seems that the album somewhat loses power after the fifth song and so the rest goes on quietly with nothing special to remember. I believe this album was written to be played as one, from the beginning till the end, with no interruption, pauses or shuffle playing. There are loud songs and there are slow and quiet songs, but everything seems right together. I think this is the right music to enjoy on a rainy autumn evening, along with a warm cup of coffee. It's quite emotional and lets you lose yourself into deep thoughts...

All in all, I wouldn't say this is their best album, but it's definitely a very good one. It was written back in the time when these guys were studying in Romania, so it encompasses the feelings of that era in that specific part of the world. If you find it sitting around in a store, don't miss the chance to buy it. I heard these days it was re-released with a bunch of bonus tracks, so I guess that would also be a good choice.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 9
Production: 7

Written by iaberis | 14.09.2010


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