Bruce Dickinson - Scream For Me Brazil review


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Band: Bruce Dickinson
Album: Scream For Me Brazil
Release date: 1999

01. Trumpets Of Jericho
02. King In Crimson
03. Chemical Wedding
04. Gates Of Urizen
05. Killing Floor
06. Book Of Thel
07. Tears Of The Dragon
08. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
09. Accident Of Birth
10. The Tower
11. Dark Side Of Aquarius
12. The Road To Hell

Brazil loves Bruceeeh, there is no other way to explain why the concerts of Mr. Dickinson the by fans proclaimed best vocalist of Iron Maiden is celebrated so much on his solo touring in the south american country. Listening to 'Scream…' you get the impression it's a big party to be celebreated or the so called Bruceeeh is almost as popular as the pope or one of the brazilian football players! Just guesses, but you can only wish to have been present at one of those concerts, the atmosphere is amazing. Olé olé olé olé Bruceee Bruceee!!!

Technically (the production) not as good as it gets, but better than for example the 'Real…Ones' by Iron Maiden, though not matching the possible standards of 1999,
concentrating on the 'Chemical Wedding' material this record also features three songs from 'Accident Of Birth' and two songs from 'Balls Of Picasso'. The band grooves like hell, but as you know Chemical Wedding the tone is quite low and you have to decrease bass on your equalizer and add a bit of mids and treble to get a better sound.
I'm quite impressed how the songs have been transferred from studio to live sound, because I thought it's not possible to play live with all those effects without a loss of quality, but it's possible, in fact it turns out to be great live and adds a special mood, because of reverb and screaming fans, nice!!!
A good example for full use of fx is 'Chemical Wedding', not only a genius strike on the studio production. Imaginable good is also 'Tears of the Dragon', especially for singing along and as mentioned the fans are celebrating. The witty mind of Bruce Dickinson shows up in the fact the 1) he forgets to sing the second verse of 'The Road To Hell' and 2) is above it to put this version on a live record. Still the song itself is remarkable (my overall favourite from Accident) as well as 'Book Of Thel' (my overall favourite from Wedding), I'm glad to see (or better hear) them together on a live cd together with 'Tears Of The Dragon'. The ladder is slightly different from the versions I know, but actually that doesn't change it's greatness.
The opener 'Trumpets Of Jericho' gets you in the mood for more, the 2nd track 'King in Crimson' gets you excited, while no. 3 'Chemical Wedding' keeps you cool, the other tracks keep you hot and sweaty on a night in Sao Paulo 'til 'The Road To Hell' kicks you out of the program, just to make you push play again.
A few words about the booklet and artwork: The latter seems quite spartanic, the cover in plain green with a piranha (I believe, I sucked completely at biology) ready to bite, the booklet is filled with loads of live photos of the band, crew and screaming fans (of course), no lyrics, only a few lines on production and the thanx (all text on one page, the rest is pictures). Though you might find it too simple, it's very suitable for a live record, hey not every booklet can be as extensive as the one(s) of Mago De Oz - Folktergeist (which has 2 booklets!)

Generally speaking I'm content with the transferring of all songs and I only wish the record was longer than twelve songs and in a better production quality, but who cares anyway? Not me this time, maybe I am bit too much of a fan, but since I'm human I can't be objective anyway. Come the dawning of the deeaaaaaad… 9.5 points!

Written by Pierre Tombale | 26.04.2004


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