Freak Kitchen - Organic review


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Band: Freak Kitchen
Album: Organic
Release date: April 2005

01. Speak When Spoken To
02. The Rights To You
03. Look Bored
04. Chest Pain Waltz
05. Mussolini Mind
06. Guilt Trip
07. Becky
08. Independent Way Of Life
09. Heal Me
10. Infidelity Ghost
11. Sob Story
12. Breathe

Holy Cow!!! The new Freak Kitchen is out guys!!! You cannot even imagine how much I was awaiting "Organic", the new album of my favourite band. Maybe that some of you don't know them yet (I don't know why and how…), but that's a shame in that case because you're just missing one of the most original band of the Metal Scene. Oki Freak Kitchen doesn't play Death or Black metal, oki they hate cheesy "Dragon" Power Metal, yeah they just don't play something featured in the list of the trendy Metal bands but honestly I don't care because when it comes to music and especially lyrics I don't know a lot of "trendy" bands who are able to produce something of such good quality…

"Organic" is surprising actually, I cannot say the opposite. First no "freaky cow" on the cover (I don't have the booklet yet, then maybe that I will have some surprise later) but an excellent drawing by the French expressionist Thierry Cardinet. But also, even if we can find again the musical spirit of Freak Kitchen on this album it's also clearly more progressive. Actually the cover and above all the title of the album fit perfectly with the music of the new album… the music is complex and above all organic…

For the ones who know "Freak Guitar 2" you must know that "Organic" is without any doubts the following of the "story", I mean that it's easy to see that IA, followed the same way of composition on "Organic" than on "Freak Guitar 2". This album is the most "progressive" album of the band and all the songs are really complex especially with the silly guitar sounds that Mattias puts everywhere. Those who already know Freak Kitchen know this particular aspect in the music of the bands in reason of the guitar play of the crazy guitarist but on Organic we have a lot more of these sounds!!! Everywhere, every second you'll find a funny crazy solos or some really weird sounds (and Mattias doesn't use any special pedals effect to do it). One more time, that's catchy as hell even if I can regret that only the four first songs have the powerful punch that we find on "Dead Soul Man" or "Move" (the other ones are a bit more… sad and slow). But that's good and really impressive when it comes to the music itself… I say it again but Mattias Eklundh is one of the best guitarist ever and believe me, Björn (Drums) and Christer (Bass) deserves some awards too when we see their technical performances on the album.

The other interesting face of the album (that's a habit with FK) is the lyrics and their topics. Actually "Organic" is really serious, maybe a bit more than the others albums. Of course there are some funny songs like "Speak When Spoken To" (with an excellent guest of the freaky Bumblefoot on it) or "Independent Way of Life" (a great pamphlet about the "false" pathetic gothic trend) but the majority of the others songs talk about different serious subjects like infidelity, parent's role and above all racism. Yes the new album of the Swedish combo clearly attacks fascism ("Mussolini Mind") and racism ("Becky") and all these stupid ideologies that are ruining our world today. Freak Kitchen is always and again virulent (certainly even more this time) against these things and thank you guys one more time they show that Metal bands and Metalheads can give also some positive messages (really I ivnite you to read their lyrics and you'll understand)

Organic is not so easy of access, this album is a bit more complex and serious than the precedent ones, but there are some great killers songs in this CD, and I'm sure that we will have some good moments when they will play them during their upcoming tours (if you don't know it, you must kno w that FK is one of the best band in live really. If they play near of you, you MUST go to see them). The album is one of the better album of the band and simply one of the better release of the year. With a perfect production and a great maturity of writing I think that Freak Kitchen shows that we will have to count on them now. With "Organic", I'm sure this time that Freak Kitchen will become a must for a lot of Metalheads.

Written by Jeff | 26.04.2005



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09.06.2006 - 18:27
Daru Jericho
Nice little review there. This album is great, one of my favourite Freak Kitchen albums (too hard to choose just one!). Anyhow, I really love 'Becky' and 'Independant Way Of Life', even though they contrast lyrically.

This album is really quite fresh. The prog elements are much clearer and the quirky trademark Freak Kitchen bits are still there. Wonderful album.
Aborted Misanthropic Smurf Puppy On Acid.

13.06.2006 - 09:46
Walter Iego
This is one hell of a great album, strong songwriting, catchy riffs "Speak When Spoken To" and so forth. The production is good and Ia's guitar is wailing like never before. The only thing that bothers me is the cover. It's horrible, it makes them stand out (visually) like they are putting out a death-metal-trash album á la the 80-ties. But hey, the Freak boys always want to challenge our opinions I givet it 9.0 + as well...
10.12.2007 - 19:29
Angel Of Rage
Angel Of Rage
I just can say that this album rules!!! That's a great contribution to good music. It's a real masterpiece, because it's funny and interesting at the same time. I've got it some months ago and I'm not tired to listen to it.
Now it's time to... rock!!!!!
22.12.2007 - 12:58
Account deleted
yes yes, you guys are all right Freak Kitchen is getting better and better and the new cd is going to be even better than this one

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