Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination

01. Silence Calls The Storm
02. In Contempt
03. Break The Cycle
04. Tunnel Effect (Element Of The Ensemble IV)
05. To The Bitter End
06. In Articulo Mortis
07. Fate's Descent
08. Dead Man's Diary
09. Ego Intuo Et Servo Te

This band is, first of all, the best technical death metal band ever!

This is Quo Vadis' first release with their new singer, Stéphane Paré. Having seen them live twice I can honestly say that he has the most energy live that I have ever seen someone have. The thing I love about this album is how he managed to capture this insane amount of energy and just make you want to headbang the whole way through this album. For this album they also had Steve DiGiorgio as their bass player.

Now the first song on this release, Silence Calls the Storm, is by far the best song on the album. It starts off with a killer, almost 20 second growl (how he does it, I do not know). This mind blowing intro is just great. Once the vocals kick in, it's just a heandbanging frenzy! They manage to keep the drums rolling like thunder and play these technical guitar riffs while still keeping you loving the song.

Another noticeable song on the album is In Contempt. This shows how Quo Vadis can have very fast paced songs with very deep growls and an insane bass sound! This song is solid and you can see here their immense talent. Can you honestly tell me that this is not one of the best Death metal drummers you have ever heard?

In this album, like in their previous one, they have two songs that are mostly instrumental but with some lyrics (not much). The song titled In Articulo Mortis is actually a song dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner.

The lyrics are always amazing. Unlike a lot of Death Metal bands, they do not talk about gore, etc. They decide to talk about topics related to life, death and beliefs. I really enjoy this factor because it gives the music more meaning.

If you are a fan of the Technical Death/Thrash genre, then this album is what you are looking for. They have amazing vocals, killer guitar solos, gut wrenching bass (from the master Steve) and the best drummer in the Death Metal scene IMO.

I give this album a solid 10/10 for it being in my top Death Metal albums ever!

Band profile: Quo Vadis
Album: Defiant Imagination


written by Herzebeth | 09.06.2005

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Four years without a Quo Vadis album is rather a long time to wait if you ask me…
For those that doesn't know the Canadian outfit, let me enlighten you, Quo Vadis are a Death Metal band, much like their compatriots Kataklysm and Cryptosity they're playing Progressive, raw but thrashy Death Metal, this is their third studio album, and also the debut of new vocalist Stéphane Paré.

published 19.04.2005 | Comments (1)


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jadawal - 17.10.2006 at 00:44  
I give it a 10/10 too. Everything in the album and every instrument is perfect, brilliant and technical. My favorite Canadian band, and in my top death metal bands as well.
Demonic Tutor - 23.11.2006 at 03:59  
Good review for a terrific album! 'Silence Calls The Storm' has to be the best technical death metal song I know. Montreal rocks!
Southern Wind - 23.11.2006 at 04:06  
Quo Vadis had been always been dreadfully boring for me... listened to them lots of times, tried to catch them, but at ast just seem like an anatractive, repetitive and unoriginal death metal... the problem is probably just mine...
Marcel Hubregtse - 23.11.2006 at 18:18  
Written by Guest on 23.11.2006 at 04:06

Quo Vadis had been always been dreadfully boring for me... listened to them lots of times, tried to catch them, but at ast just seem like an anatractive, repetitive and unoriginal death metal... the problem is probably just mine...

Nope, it's not just you. I have the same problem.

EDIT: wow, this was post 11111 made by me. Nice number.
Demonic Tutor - 20.12.2006 at 18:20  
I find that this album is a masterpiece BUT the production could be a lot better. You need to see them on stage first to really get into their stuff. Anyway, nice review Herz.
Opium Magnet - 27.12.2006 at 09:17  
Yah, the production/sound quality was a let down, but looking beyond that, this album is surprisingly good, always worth a listen.
Visioneerie - 25.08.2008 at 05:45  
This is a really good album, it's to bad these guys are no longer, unless 3 new members join the band, but i doubt so. My favorite song by them still lies in Day Into Night .. 'Absolution' killer piece of music right there.
RockeRoy - 24.04.2009 at 22:32  
I think this album has some good elements, but overal nothing special. i think they lack something in their songwriting.
Guib - 31.12.2010 at 19:34  
Lol... ok so 1. They don't lack anything in their songwriting thats just how they do it you may not like it but nothing's missing when talking about TDM.

2. I love this album Its amazing even tho I think they did a better job overall on Day Into Night ! This rocks.

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