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Cephalic Carnage - Lucid Interval review


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Band: Cephalic Carnage
Album: Lucid Interval
Release date: August 2002

01. Scolopendra Cingulata
02. Fortuitous Oddity
03. Anthro Emesis
04. The Isle Of California
05. Pseudo
06. Friend Of Mine
07. Rebellion
08. Zuno Gyakusatsu
09. Black Metal Sabbath
10. Cannabism
11. Lucid Interval
12. Misguided
13. Puff De La Morte [2011 reissue bonus]
14. Redundant
15. Arsonist Savior
16. ... [2011 reissue bonus]

You think you've heard the experimental stuff? You think grindcore isn't evolutional and progressive? You think there is no way brutal music can get any better? Well if you haven't heard Cephalic Carnage's Lucid Interval…you are wrong little fellow.

Ok, let's get things nice and sparkling clear… Lucid Interval is not a "Prowler In The Yard" for sure, but it's a great album, maybe the second best album in grindcore history, the music is evolutional, and in some ways progressive, The musicians in Cephalic Carnage are capable of making any type of music (the hidden track and the song "cannabism" are great examples).

The album starts with "Scolopendra Cingulata" an unbelievable song. It's a slow percussive song, not the usual opener in a grindcore album; some cool beats, and simple fills, Then the actual carnage starts, Fortuitous Oddity is the concrete brutal opener, riffs filled with anger and ultra fast drums. Not the best song in this album or anything, in fact I think Cephalic Carnage only added this song to compensate the cool incredible intro.

The album goes by smoothly, with a song named "Pseudo" to highlight, some songs are good, some songs are not as good as the other songs. But then the 9th track begins, "Black Metal Sabbath" is a great song with irregular and amazing tempo, the drums are incredible, and everything begins to settle down. This song proves the band's technique and skills (and that they are something like atheists in a Black Sabbath kind of way). Then the song "cannabism" starts... what? Are we actually hearing a "flamenco" song? Who is playing this joke on me… you fuckers, NO my friend, Cephalic Carnage knows how to do arpeggios and how to structure a "flamenco" song, ok it's not the best flamenco ever, but to hear it from a grindcore band is impressive (believe me it's not the only impression you will get by hearing "Lucid Interval").

Now to the best song in this album, "Lucid Interval" for sure (even though "Arsonist Savior" is a true master piece too), "Lucid Interval" is a violent song, with some good even catchy riffs. This song has awesome drums and great bass-lines, and man the guitars are perfect; they really know how to use two guitars (not as those fucked up bands with two guitars doing the exact same thing). Anyway, "Arsonist Savior" is also a great song, I do not want to spoil the surprise, but when this track ends it might be an intelligent thing to let the CD running for a little while, like 7 minutes or so, by the way do you like Jazz music?

Anyway, the album is incredible, some songs will make you wonder…are those really Cephalic Carnage? Some other songs will punch you in the face, a great album, with that extra spice that I love (different kind of lyrics, not the usual gory shit we are used to, let me tell you that finding bands like this one is really hard). This album really surpassed my expectations, and I think you will be impressed too so I recommend you to go and buy it now.

Written by Herzebeth | 01.07.2005



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12.12.2008 - 05:41
Cannabism is a track created by other musician out of Cephalic Carnage .. if you dont believe me look at what's written inside your cd ... but i like your review thats probably the best Cephalic Carnage I ever heard in My Life
15.02.2012 - 22:00
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Great album, and review.
Checkout my band here!

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