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Favorite bands: Metallica, Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Stratovarius, Dark Tranquillity, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Lacrimosa, Nightwish, Tristania, Therion, Sirenia, Sunrise, Descending, Dominia, Within Temptation, Angra, Avantasia, Blind Guardian, Chthonic, Cradle Of Filth, Dark Moor, Dreamtale, Edguy, Equilibrium, Graveworm, Haggard, Hammerfall, Leaves' Eyes, Mandragora Scream, Negative, Norther, Orphaned Land, Samael, Sentenced, Sonic Syndicate, Sylosis, Symphony X, Teräsbetoni, The 69 Eyes, Whispered, Rhapsody Of Fire, Slumber, Noumena, The Spektrum, Blackguard, Ch'aska, Illnath, Dreamshade, Excalion, Made Of Hate, Imperanon, Dispatched, Dope Stars Inc., Insomnium, System Of A Down, Agathodaimon, Above Symmetry, Dionysus, Xandria, Five Finger Death Punch, Dragonland, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Infinite Tales, Europe, Blind Stare, Trivium, Powerwolf, Leprous, Mors Subita, Nekrogoblikon, Hackneyed, Criminal, Eluveitie, Darzamat, Shade Empire, Amon Amarth, Old Man's Child, Naglfar, Dark Fortress, Emperor, Static-X, Disturbed, Omnium Gatherum, Septicflesh, Torchbearer, Embraced, Luna Ad Noctum, Theocracy, Arcturus, Within Y, The Duskfall, Opera IX, In Loving Memory, In Mourning, Shaman, Andre Matos, Gamma Ray, Scorpions, HIM, Opeth, Gallowbraid, The Human Abstract, Soulfallen, Theatre Of Tragedy, Trail Of Tears, Marionette, Sigh, Eyes Of Noctum, Unexpect, Imperial Vengeance, Scar Symmetry, Allegaeon, The Man-Eating Tree, Threat Signal, Kauan, Iron Savior, Gods Tower, Agalloch, All That Remains, Sabaton, Kataklysm, Natural Spirit, Shining, Paradise Lost, Barren Earth, Angel Witch, Enthroned, Hammer Horde, Beyond Creation, Kamelot, Wintersun, Dååth, Darkest Hour, Lemuria, Ov Hell, Stigmatic Chorus, Circus Maximus, Deals Death, Karlahan, Obtenebris, Majeste Simphonia, Carcass, Quo Vadis, Nightingale, Edge Of Sanity, Diabolical Masquerade, Godgory, Without Grief, Dawn Of Demise, Trauma, Dark The Suns, The Elysian Fields, Crystalic, Benighted, Aeveron, Ex Deo, Pathfinder, Gernotshagen, Evenfall, Testament, Zonaria, Pain, Heathen Foray, Be'lakor, Welicoruss, Orden Ogan, Ne Obliviscaris, Hypocrisy, System Shock, Summoning, Incarnia, Seventh Wonder, In Vain, Amorphis, Finntroll, Suidakra, Enshine, Kalmah, Infinita Symphonia, Haken, Stormlord, Advent Sorrow, Krisiun, Kampfar, Nightfall, Hecate Enthroned, Kälter, Soilwork, Lunarsea, Rotting Christ, Neaera, Fear My Thoughts, OSI, Crises, Illdisposed, Frosttide, Anterior, Pressure Points, Wine From Tears, To/Die/For, Souldrainer, Aenaon, Starkill, Arkona, Saturnus, Riverside, Royal Hunt, Machinae Supremacy, Tool, Sanctuary, Adagio, Wilderun, Frantic Amber, Tribulation, Lake Of Tears
Favorite album: Descending - Enter Annihilation - 2008
Favorite song: Dominia - Divine Revolution - prophecy