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Moments In Metal

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Here ill try and describe a list of musical moments, or sections of songs that can be the highlight of a song, album, or even a bands career. These are the parts that send a shiver down your spine, that are so epic, either by themselves or because of the way the fit into a song, that you want to just play them over and over. Of course, this only covers music i listen to alot so it'l mostly be progressive metal with some power or thrash thrown in. I tried to order them loosely in terms of quality but don't expect anything exact

Created by: jhook | 02.10.2011

1. Kamelot: The climax of "Memento Mori", super powerful, i consider this 30 secs or so the climax of kamelot's carrer
2. Pain of Salvation: the part about 5:55 into "the perfect element"
3. Dream Theater: the melody then buildup at the end of the instrumental part of in the presence of enemies part 2 that leads into the ending.
4. Suspyre: the last minute or so of "siren"
5. Orphaned Land: about 4:38 into "disciples of the sacred oath" (its really hard to describe what part of the song it is)
6. Dream Theater: the ending of "Metropolis part 1"
7. Blind guardian: the chorus of "a sacred world", also the quiet part that builds up to the ending.
8. Wintersun: the chorus of "Death and the healing"
9. Children of Bodom: the bridge of "Bodom after midnight"
10. Symphony X: The transition from the verse to the prechorus of "accolade II"
11. Vanden Plas: the build up from the quiet intro of "the final murder"
12. Metallica: The build up to the solo of "the unforgiven III"
13. Symphony X: the chorusy part about 21min into "The Odyssey"
14. Dream Theater: the ending of "Breaking all illusions"
15. Nevermore: the first thrashy riff that enters "this godless endeavor" and tears the ballady part to pieces. the ending is awesome too
16. Wintersun: The prechorus at roughly 2:20 of "winter madness"
17. Orphaned Land: the part that starts at about 3:40 of "the birth of the three"
18. Dream Theater: The transition from the quiet part to the last section of the song in "a shattered fortress"
19. Kamelot: the bridge of "Edenecho".
20. The Shadow Theory: the bridge of "a symphony of shadows"
21. Dream Theater: the chorus of "outcry"
22. Porcupine Tree: The chorus of "way out of here"
23. Rhapsody of Fire: The chorus with the choir in "the mystic prophecy of the demon knight"
24. Dream Theater: the part after the chorus of "home" where they allude to the riff from metropolis part 1
25. Wintersun: The chorus of "Sleeping Stars"
26. Metallica: The transition into the fast part of "one"
27. Opeth: The heavy riff in "blackwater park" right after the quiet part
28. Diablo swing orchestra: the intro to "Balrog Boogie"

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02.10.2011 - 06:01
I've never seen a list done like this so its sort of an experiment so hopefully its easy enough to follow.
02.10.2011 - 08:22
Void Eater
Account deleted
No mention of Black Sabbath? The rain and church bells followed by the metal riff ranks among one of metal's finest moments.
02.10.2011 - 08:41
Totemic Lust
I like this, very personal perspective, but if you include exact timestamp, maybe we can share the experience

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