Springin' Into The Dark

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The next list in my seasonal tastes line.
(Albums listed in the autumn and winter ones will be attempted at omission.)

Created by: Tristus Scriptor | 30.03.2013

1. Avulsed - Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)
Always listening to this group; my favorite death metal band.
2. Omnium Gatherum - Years In Waste
My first Omnium CD, and my second favorite to The Redshift (which is impossible to find without paying out the ASS!). The old vocalist is technically not very skilled, but his oddly worn-out sound is an awesome contrast to the progressive perfection of their music. Gives it a bit more "feels"...
3. Anata - The Conductor's Departure
Such a brilliant blend of the technical and the melodic. Death metal that suffers from no loss of intensity from it's formal qualities.
4. Soundtrack - Susperia
Dario Argento's ballerina massacre is even better as just creepy sounds for a night of macabre relaxation...
5. Assück - Misery Index
Great, tight, hefty grind!
6. Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
Entrancing cult black metal with odd vocals that work perfectly for the nightmarish vibe.
7. Guttural Secrete - Nourishing The Spoil
Sick, brutal death metal that has *seriously* upped the ante on sophistication and the surreal.
8. Coroner - Grin
Like Dark Tranquillity's Projector; this off-kilter thrash-alternative metal album fits into my nostalgic quest of revisioning my life lately.
9. Runemagick - Enter the Realm of Death
Diverse and adventurous melodic death with a quality thrash element or two.
10. Misery Loves Co. - s/t
Same thing as the Coroner pick. This time industrial/alternative metal.
11. Antigama - Resonance
Really, really diggin' this "mind grind" (my given term) so much that I've been playing it in-between almost everything I play! Argh!
12. Harvestman - Lashing The Rye
Steve Von Till's dreamscapes of man-tear inducing compositions go so well mixed in with his other solo music (as well as some of his bandmate Scott Kelly's) on my media player. Makes laying on the couch like riding a magic carpet over an oasis in a post-apocalyptic world...
13. Leah - Of Earth & Angels
Leave it up to a rosey-haired young songstress to get my savage inner-beast reduced to a poetic farmboy in some nameless countryside...
14. Serenity - War of Ages
So damn impressed with this. I'm a huge Kamelot and Dark Moor fan, so it's really needless to say, as the style is right there with those powerhouses. Also- the permanency of the impressive Clémentine Delauney did not turn them into Visions Of Atlantis or anything; as they are still very much fronted by the awesome Georg Neuhauser, just complimented (as always) without having to state "guest" all the time.
15. Infected Flesh - Concatenation of Severe Infections
This is extremely enjoyable (for a sicko like me) and disturbing brutal death metal that is, dare I say...kinda unique!
16. Xasthur - Telepathic With The Deceased
DSBM can be much artsier than typical black metal. I need to sink into dreamland sometimes...even if a few nightmares are thrown in...
17. Gloryhammer - Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
I love bands that take being not-so-serious so seriously...or...take being serious not-so-seriously...Either way- it's good!
18. Meathook Seed - Embedded
This release is a good indication of how a collaboration can just go towards achieving stellar-status as well as cohesiveness, as if it was just waiting to be birthed. When these members (Obituary, Napalm Death, and Benediction alumni, respectively) put this mofo together; I just wonder if they knew how infectious and (nearly)alien it would be.
19. Circle Of Dead Children - Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer
Something about this infernal racket just gels with me. Maybe the fact that it satisfies my love for fun grind, infusing it with the darkness of death metal, and reminds me of the more exploratory and gritty later-era Mayhem (without being "blackened")...and totally blends it all into a work of art- complete with morbid poetry to replace any expected tasteless and exploitational obnoxiousness. Yeah. That explains it.
20. Dan Swano - Moontower
Dan is the MAN.

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Neatsy list right here son.
06.05.2013 - 02:21
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Neatsy list right here son.

Well thank you. I appreciate it.

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