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Dre's Top 10 Favourite Progressive Metal Albums

This is not a list of the most popular, well-received, or most important albums. Just my favourite to listen to.

1. Voivod - Dimension Hatröss
2. Mastodon - Leviathan
3. Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
4. Atheist - Piece of Time
5. Rush - 2112

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Created by CanadianMetal93 on 23.04.2015

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Skinny Puppy: Best To Worst

After 10+ years of listening to these guys, I felt it was time for a tribute to an excellent discography, and one of the earliest to adorn my shelf in full.

1. Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park
2. Skinny Puppy - VIVIsectVI
3. Skinny Puppy - Rabies
4. Skinny Puppy - The Process
5. Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold and Manipulate

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Created by flightoficarus on 22.04.2015

2014: My Favorites!

1. Darkspace - Dark Space III I
2. Equilibrium - Erdentempel
3. Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere
4. Panopticon - Roads To The North
5. Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

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Created by farckashkun on 20.04.2015

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Best Metal Vocalists

*** /\ UNDER CONSTRUCTION /\ *** READ ME *** List of the best metal vocalists across all subgenres. The album that best exhibits their vocals will represent them -- not necessarily the best album they appear on. I will limit myself to the very top of each sungenre (i.e. death, black, doom, etc.) for variety's sake. Also -- AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT -- I consider several criteria, not just raw talent. Some of the criteria are vocal range, versatility, command of voice, fit/compatibility with band, feeling/emotion/energy and originality. Feel free to bitch and moan below. \m/

1. Judas Priest - Painkiller
2. King Diamond - Abigail
3. Savatage - Gutter Ballet
4. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
5. Iron Maiden - Powerslave

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Created by saw_you_drown on 20.04.2015

Top Album's Of The Week NCMA 19/04/15

1. Enslaved - In Times
2. The Gentle Storm - The Diary
3. Steve Hackett - Wolflight (2015)
4. Barren Earth - On Lonely Towers
5. Armageddon - Captivity & Devourment

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Created by darkseazon81 on 20.04.2015

My Favorite Anathema Albums (Favorite-Least Favorite)

1. Anathema - Judgement
2. Anathema - Alternative 4
3. Anathema - Weather Systems
4. Anathema - Eternity
5. Anathema - A Natural Disaster

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Created by FullyOttoMatic on 20.04.2015

Top Thrash Albums You Should Hear B4 You Redeposit Your Soul

This massage represents the top Thrash albums I know. They are in no particular order, except for Rust in Peace - undoubtedly the ultimate Thrash album.
Sorry, only 1 album per Band.

1. Megadeth - Rust In Peace
2. Anthrax - Among The Living
3. Anthrax - Fistful Of Metal
4. Exodus - Bonded By Blood
5. Judas Priest - Painkiller

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Created by cynicoren on 19.04.2015

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Mother Natures Dripping Wet Black Atmosphere

Some of my favorite nature inspired atmospheric black metal

1. Paysage D'hiver - Paysage D'hiver
2. Paysage D'hiver - Kristall & Isa
3. Paysage D'hiver - Steineiche
4. Paysage D'hiver - Schattengang
5. Paysage D'hiver - Nacht

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Created by no one on 19.04.2015

Emerald Sword Saga & Gothic Saga

1. Rhapsody Of Fire - Legendary Tales
2. Rhapsody Of Fire - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
3. Rhapsody Of Fire - Dawn Of Victory
4. Rhapsody Of Fire - Rain Of A Thousand Flames
5. Rhapsody Of Fire - Power Of The Dragonflame

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Created by LAZBriganti on 17.04.2015

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Hip Hop Til You Drop

Continuing my quest to get metal-heads interested in other genres, I present to you my favorite rap and hip hop albums you should hear before you die. They are only somewhat in order of preference.

1. Aesop Rock - Labor Days
2. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
3. Nas - Illmatic
4. Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
5. Mobb Deep - The Infamous

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Created by flightoficarus on 13.04.2015


1. 3 Inches Of Blood - Fire Up The Blades

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Created by Nachtland on 13.04.2015

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Death Full-Length Albums: Best To Worst

Disclaimer: All of my lists are based solely on my enjoyment of the albums in comparison with the rest of the band's discography. They are NOT based on: popular opinion, an album's consistency with the rest of the bands discography, or an album's originality.

All lists are subject to change.

1. Death - Symbolic
2. Death - Leprosy
3. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
4. Death - Spiritual Healing
5. Death - Individual Thought Patterns

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Created by Rectifier on 12.04.2015

Top 30 Albums Of 1995

1. Death - Symbolic
2. My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River
3. Dark Tranquillity - The Gallery
4. Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
5. At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

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Created by FullyOttoMatic on 12.04.2015

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Albums That Made Me Love Metal!

1. Slayer - Reign In Blood
2. Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
3. Evile - Enter The Grave
4. Amon Amarth - Fate Of Norns
5. Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam

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Created by farckashkun on 10.04.2015

Metal Songs That Teach History

I love history. I love reading accounts from assorted perspectives of all kinds that detail events that have shaped our civilization and brought us to where we are now. Many of those tales of war actually do a fine job of explaining, well, why we're still at war now in the same places over the same things.

1. Iron Maiden, "Alexander the Great" - This is probably the alpha and omega of historical metal songs. Not only is it beautifully written and researched, but it's also extremely enjoyable and very catchy musically. Glorious guitar leads and various movements keep this 8-minute-plus epic feeling fresh and new every time, and it teaches listeners all about the life and conquests of Alexander from birth to death. I can honestly say that you can learn just as much about the man from this song as from many passages in history textbooks out there.
2. Human Fortress, "Defenders of the Crown" - King Richard I, or the "Lionheart," was one of Europe's most famous monarchs primarily due to his fervent involvement with the Crusade and his vindictive desire to conquer the Holy Land. His quest to take Jerusalem out of the clutches of Saladin and Islam is chronicled nicely on this album, which is actually fantastic from beginning to end.
3. Sabaton, "Primo Victoria" - A galloping epic about D-Day is bombastic, exciting, and full of a lot of the important historical facts. As brutal as the battle in Normandy was, the song itself is surprisingly fun and upbeat. The chorus is ridiculously addictive too.

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Created by Branowar on 10.04.2015

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