InnerWish - Inner Strength

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Release date: 19 May 2006
Style: Power metal


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01. Trivial
02. Travellers In Time
03. Far Away
04. Lonely Lady
05. Bleeding Soul
06. Feel The Magic
07. Eye Of The Storm
08. Final Prophecy
09. Never Let You Down
10. Dreamer Of The Night
11. Inner Strength
12. Gates Of Fire

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Inner Wish comes from Greece and "Inner Strength" is already their third album. If their two precedent releases weren't especially sensational, the band is still alive and comes this year with their last production. "Inner Strength" is an album of classic Melodic Power with even some epic passages so, if you're really addicted to this music maybe that you'll find some interesting things in the release.

The two powerful songs that are "Travellers In Time" or "Inner Strength" are two good examples of the musical tendency of the album: it's fast melodic Power Metal. Sometime Epic or even a bit "old school" (with some sonorities a la Dio) the songs are ok but well however don't expect a lot of originality here. It's classic as hell and it's impossible to find something new, though I will not blame the band because the performance of the musicians is more than ok. Note also, that the album is not really linear and you'll be able to find two ballads "Feel The Magic" and "Never Let You Down", it's a bit cliché but well with Power Metal albums it's more something essential than anything else, and well anyway those ballad are ok so…

If we can find a lot of good things in the release (especially if you're a fan of the style of course) I have to say that the production is not good. The sound is weak in general and the mixing is not good at all. Sometime it's even a bit hard to listen to the guitars (I'm probably a bit exaggerating but really it's too weak a lot of time) so it's really sad because the songs aren't perfect in reason of this important problem.

"Inner Strength", the third album of this Greek band is a good peace of Melodic Power Metal, though it's not really surprising or really original. But if you like this kind of music and even if it's not something essential, maybe that you should have a look on the album. After all some songs are nice and I'm quite sure that the fans of the style will be able to find a real interest in the release.
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