Jig-Ai - Jig-Ai

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Release date: 2006
Style: Death metal, Grindcore


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01. Japanese Gut Cake
02. Sounds Of Body Sinuses
03. Geishas Sucks European Cocks
04. HN-Islam
05. Ninja Gangbang
06. Adventure On The Boat
07. Injectator Kruto
08. Fresh Manga Flesh
09. Vogelgrippe-N
10. Pec Nam Spadla Vs. Skakal Pes
11. Phimosiectomy Made By Scrub-Slasher
12. Suffocated Between Gigantic Udders
13. Sadomasochistic Practices Manual
14. Hanger In Her Neck
15. Extruding Testicles Through Garlic Press
16. Gourmet's Specialities Of Necrozoophila
17. La Ley Del Plomo [Brujeria cover]
18. Final Cu(n)t

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Label: Bizarre Leprous Productions
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Goregrind

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Gore Gore Gore! This album is all about that, about being fucking sick and catchy, about bloody hentai, Ninja Gangbangs and Self-Destruction; with members of huge bands like Negligent Collateral Collapse and Ahumado Granujo it's Jig-Ai ladies and gentlemen, a fucked up musical discharge.

The band obviously plays Goregrind with insanely sick vocals, similar to what you hear in Urine Festival only better. This debut album shows a very cohesive band with incredibly cool and original ideas (come on! where you've seen this thematics before?). Execution-wise these Czechs are tight as hell, it's not like their songwriting demands it, but they play tightly and they even add some spastic issues here and there.

published 04.05.2007 | Comments (18)

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