Release date: 28 August 2009
Style: Folk metal


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01. Dvärgby (Dwarf Village)
02. Trollkarlar Av Dvärgfolk (Sorcerers Of Dwarf Folk)
03. Dvärgars Bastu (Sauna Of Dwarves)
04. Ölfrun (Beer Wife)
05. Ensam Ensling (Lonely Loner)
06. Groda, Ryttare (Frog Riders)
07. Solens Ljus (Light Of The Sun)
08. Kvävande Gruvor (Choking Mines)
09. Regnbågen (Rainbow)
10. Liv Eller Guld (Life Or Gold)
11. Humus (Humus)
12. Riv, Hugg Och Bit (Rip, Chop And Bite)
13. Snubbar, Snubbar (Blokes, Blokes)
14. Vinterkväll (Winter Evening)

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In looking for some new folk bands to listen to I stumbled across the Russian band Svartby and decided to pursue their latest album: Riv, Hugg Och Bit. Why? Their Myspace had some pretty interesting songs that seemed to defy the growing clichés present in the ever stagnating folk metal genre. Unfortunately the experience is extremely hit or miss.

published 04.06.2010 | Comments (2)

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