Invictus - Persecution

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Release date: 20 April 2009
Style: Power metal


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01. Face To Face Part I
02. Kill The Dogs
03. Silence Of Death
04. Agony Of War
05. Spiral
06. Face To Face Part II [Instrumental]
07. Face To Face Part III
08. The Eclipse Of The World
09. See You Black
10. Demons
11. Rosy Rose
12. The Angels [live] [bonus]

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A whole 6 years after the release of Black Heart, which has been handled as quite a hot tip amongst power metal connoisseurs (although I'll have to admit that I personally never actually listened to it, even though it has been recommended to me) Invictus are back with Persecution.

Like I already said; Invictus play power metal. Luckily they're not saving any damsels in distress, nor slaughtering any dragons, and best of all, although this is just a guess; they don't wear loincloths. To make our luck even bigger, they don't bother us with fifth-rate spoken samples or two-minute epic/symphonic instrumental interludes that should make us think about magic forests. In other words most power metal is cheesier than this.

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