Steny Lda - Steny Lda

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Release date: 7 December 2010
Style: Sludge metal


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01. 1-0-2
02. O-M-G
03. 7-4-0
04. 0-5-7
05. H-M-T
06. C-O-W
07. C-W-B
08. 1-0

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Steny Lda, or Walls of Ice to those of us who don't reside in Siberian slush, is a post-(insert genre here) band hailing from Russia. Part post-metal, part post-rock, but fortunately not post-good.

The band's oddly titled songs (seemingly random combination of numbers or letters) are woven together, largely based upon clean mellow pieces that swell as the song progresses. For sake of comparison, the starting point is akin to Explosions In The Sky (some of you might be familiar with their music via Friday Night Lights. They hold the distinction of being the only band in 25 years of music shopping that I've heard playing at the store and purchased on the spot), with clean guitar melodies hooking the listener in, while the drum, bass, and rhythm guitar are comfortable to sit in the background and support the 'voice' of the melodic guitar.

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