Grimfaith - Preacher Creature

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Release date: 8 April 2013
Style: Gothic metal, Doom metal


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01. Intro-1 (Beyond My Closed Doors)
02. Abberation
03. E.V.O.-3: Cyberlover
04. Saint-Demonic Smile Or Sex In Heaven [2012 version]
05. Radioactive Rain
06. Dead In Soho (At The Suburbs Of The Art World)
07. My Cruelty
08. Creepy Crawlers [feat. Anders Jacobsson]
09. Flower And The Bone [feat. Lisa Johansson]
10. After A Sin
11. God Gave Me... [Mick Jagger cover]
12. Preacher Creature

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Grimfaith hail from the land of the Chicken Cholesterol Bomb, Kiev and have been together for over a decade now, putting out the type of music you'd expect from characters like Raven, Moregrim, and Eviltwin… Gothic Metal. Preacher Creature marks their second full-length.

Initially the album caught my eye simply because of the artwork - you've got clash of orthodox icons and some cyber-fetishism (insert George "Sulu" Takei "Oh Myyyyyy" soundbyte here).

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