Leviathan - Trivia

A 2012 three-part video interview on black metal revealed that the skater on the box art of Skate Or Die 2: The Search For Double Trouble was a young Jef Whitehead, the sole member of Leviathan.
All of Leviathan's early demos were initially released on cassette or CD, with some of the cassettes later being reissued in limited quantities on CD by Wrest himself.
Leviathan was thought to have disbanded after the release of Massive Conspiracy Against All Life in 2008, allegedly due to a legal struggle between Wrest and Moribund Records. Due to these issues, Wrest felt as though the project had no future. In August 2011, however, Profound Lore Records announced that Wrest had revived the project and had entered the studio with Sanford Parker to record a new album.
Wrest performed vocals for Sunn O))) on the album Black One, and samples for noisecore band Today Is The Day on the album Sadness Will Prevail.