Leviathan was formed in 1998 by Wrest. In Leviathan Wrest records and plays all instruments including vocals entirely on his own. Additonally, Wrest has collaborated with the band.

Sunn O))), is active member of the band Twilight. Unlike many solo black metal bands, Wrest plays real drums as opposed to using a drum machine. He has stated in interviews that he has been playing drums longer than any other instrument (since he was 13) and that the drums are his instrument of choice. Wrest also plays and records everything in Lurker of Chalice and he is a member of Twilight.

Despite having recorded a large number of works, Leviathan has only two full-length albums to date both of which were released by Moribundcult. There have been a total of 15 demos released to date. These demos have been distributed as both tapes and cdrs.